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  • Affordable Ways to Brighten up a Dark Room

    Dark rooms can feel small, clammy and claustrophobic. They can also be very hard to work with because you may feel as though the room will always look dark and unwelcoming. This is not the case at all, and there are plenty of things that you can do to try and brighten up a dark room.

    / 15th January 2019
  • Add Some Chic To Your Home For 2019

    It’s 2019, now, and seeing as your clean slate and a fresh start for the new year doesn’t quite cover moving home, you can just spruce up the place you’re currently living in! So if you’re looking for a new interior design theme to live off of, let’s think about how chic your living space could become.

    / 7th January 2019
  • Get The Popcorn Ready For Your New Home Cinema

    Whether you’re looking to provide the space for the perfect family movie night or you and your friends regularly gather around a screen to see the latest and greatest, or some of your favourite classics, the trip to the cinema is no longer a necessity. Instead, it’s becoming easier than ever to create your own home cinema experience.

    / 24th December 2018
  • No guest bedroom: How to manage with duvet covers & bedding

    Having family and friends visit is a great opportunity to catch up and spend quality time with the ones you love. If you are not fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom to turn into a guest room you may feel a bit overwhelmed with where everyone will seep. The good news is it is really not as hard to host guests without a guest room as it feels like once you get past the initial intimidation.

    / 15th December 2018
  • Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas

    Having a nice living room for the Christmas season adds to the spirit of Christmas and makes the house so much more enjoyable to come home to after work. There are a few ways that you can decorate your living room for Christmas and the setup should usually last from the beginning of the month until maybe mid-January.

    / 30th November 2018
  • Ideas on how to decorate a small room

    Decorating a small room may be considered as if is a bit hectic since the probability of items overcrowding is high. With good ideas on how to decorate a small room, you can turn it into a boot room and you will love maintaining it.

    / 25th September 2018
  • Made To Last Sofa Beds

    Think back to the last time that you purchased a furniture item for your home. More than likely, before you stepped foot inside the store, you had a budget in mind and a few “checklist must-have” items that you wanted to be included as well. Don’t worry, you’re not alone there. Often times people go furniture shopping with a low budget and high expectations. And while there are times where there may be a sale or a deal, more times than not the higher quality items will not fall into a small budget. While it may be frustrating, there’s a reason!

    / 6th June 2018