Add Some Chic To Your Home For 2019

7th January 2019

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Are you getting a little bit tired of looking at the same four walls, the same rugged carpet or hardwood flooring, the same chairs and bed covers, and the same dirty windows you just haven’t quite been bothered to clean yet? Don’t worry, January does that to us all, meaning now is the perfect time to do something about it!

It’s 2019, now, and seeing as your clean slate and a fresh start for the new year doesn’t quite cover moving home, you can just spruce up the place you’re currently living in! So if you’re looking for a new interior design theme to live off of, let’s think about how chic your living space could become.

How stylish would you consider this living room to be?

Decide on a Colour Palette

Depending on the kind of aesthetic you really want from your chic setting, you’re going to need a cohesive and complementary colour palette to work off of. Say you like minimalism – blacks and whites are probably top of your mind right now. Or if you like the more contemporary side of things, you can start introducing pale colours to your rooms. The choice is yours.

Just make sure you know which colours work best together, and that you’re following a pattern around the room. Red, blue, then red, for example. Or maybe you’ve got a gradient down each of the walls, making the room feel warmer where you’re laying down in your bed, and colder towards the ceiling. Just make sure the look flows naturally from wall to wall.

Get Yourself a New Sofa

If you’ve got a living room to rearrange, then you’re going to need to replace just one of the pieces of furniture you have in there: the sofa. After all, it’s the focal point of any front room someone walks into, and the more sofas you have, the comfier the room feels!

So to make sure you’re not lounging down on a couch that just ruins the chic look you’re going for, it’s time to invest in leather sofas and the like. Soft, felty materials covering your sofa are all well and good, but they’re hard to clean, and they’re not very versatile for someone who wants a whole new look in their house. And leather chairs come in all colours and varying firmness, so take your pick!

Design Yourself a Feature Wall That Fits

Feature walls are all well and good, but if it’s just a block of colour with no other purpose, you’re going to get sick of it pretty quickly. So you’re going to want to add some function to the wall you’re planning to roll that really interesting wallpaper onto – maybe some shelves, maybe a clock, maybe you could even mount all your video consoles and DVD players up there for some more floor space!

Adding chic to your home doesn’t have to be hard. Just spend some time thinking about how well you could pull your living space together.

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