Pros and Cons of Wood Pellet Stoves

25th January 2019

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Many homeowners are making the switch to wood pellet stoves to save money on heating costs. With the winter season in full effect, a pellet stove may sound like an efficient way to heat your home. While pellet stoves are quite efficient, there are some pros and cons of wood pellet stoves that you need to take into consideration.

Pros of Wood Pellet Stoves


There are less toxic chemical compounds and smoke released into the air with a pellet stove when compared to other heating options. While a pellet stove isn’t carbon neutral it emits such a low level of carbon gas.

Easy to Install

Wood pellet stoves are easy to install, so much so that the average homeowner can usually install their pellet stove on their own. You just need an air vent pipe to vent smoke and residual gases. This means there’s no need for a chimney installation.

Budget Friendly

It’s easy to purchase a pellet stove within your budget as there are many options available for sale online and at your local wood pellet stove store. A pellet stove will cost you somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 making it more budget friendly than other heating options.

Cons of Wood Pellet Stoves

Makes Noise

While you may be able to hear your home furnace kick on when the heat starts, a pellet stove can make more noise. Some pellet stoves are quieter than others. The reason this falls under the con list is that it can be quite annoying until you get used to having it as background noise.

More Maintenance

Pellet stoves have many parts that require regular maintenance, unlike your home furnace that usually needs just one annual maintenance appointment.  You’ll find that the blower fan, motor, hopper feed and temperature sensors in a pellet stove need regular maintenance to stay running efficiently.

As you can see there are many benefits as well as downsides when it comes to using a wood pellet stove in your home. The key is to review all of the information about pellet stoves to include all costs associated with the addition of a pellet stove in your home. Once you’ve taken the time to weigh out all of the pros and cons of wood pellet stoves you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision regarding the purchase of a new pellet stove.


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