How to Design Gardens Where Dogs Live

12th July 2024

Gardeners enjoy sharing the garden with the family dog by taking a stroll. This guide includes dog-friendly design ideas, where a man’s best friend can share the space in a gardener’s favourite place.

How To Truly Transform Your Outdoor Space

23rd May 2024

If you’re lucky enough to have a decent amount of outdoor space, it’s well worth working out how to make it into something really lovely where you’ll want to spend time and that you can feel proud of. That means far more than just planting a few flowers and calling it a day; there’s a lot to think about, and a few different things you can do to achieve a fantastic overall look.

How To Landscape A Garden That Lasts For Decades

10th April 2024

With landscaping, it’s a good way to make use of the outdoor areas of your home and there are many opportunities that can be taken when it comes to your garden. Here are some tips to landscape a garden so that it lasts for decades.

Inviting People Into Your Garden: How You Can Give It A Boost

8th April 2024

Brighter days are coming, and spring is in the air. It also means that as restrictions have eased, you can welcome people into your garden for a simple conversation and cup of tea. Bliss! But is your garden ready to invite people around? Here are some of the ways you can give it a little boost. 

Tips for seasonal success in the garden

14th March 2024

Unlock the secret to a thriving garden by embracing the rhythm of the seasons. Your garden is a dynamic canvas, each season offering a unique palette of colours and challenges. Tailoring your gardening approach to the specific needs of each season is the key to sustaining a flourishing ecosystem.

Upgrade Your Garden And Make It A Haven

15th December 2023

Depriving your garden of the TLC that it deserves will lead to a nightmare to deal with when the time comes. Having said that, at some point, you have just got to bite the bullet and start upgrading your garden to make it a haven. But, how can you do this? Let’s take a look.

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

2nd December 2023

To create a cozy outdoor space in winter, improve lighting using weather-resistant, strategically placed fixtures. Upgrade your patio using durable cold-resistant materials like natural stones, bricks, and concrete. Improve comfort through outdoor heating solutions and textiles, like fire pits, patio heaters, area rugs, and weather-resistant cushions. Lastly, dress warmly when spending time outdoors.