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  • What You Should Know Before Re-Roofing Your Home

    The term ‘re-roofing’ describes the process of removing and replacing the existing layer of roof tiles, while generally leaving the internal joists and rafters in place – unless they need to be replaced. This is most certainly a major project, therefore, you should seek several professional opinions about the best way forward.

    / 9th March 2020
  • Easy Spring Cleaning Tasks for the Garage

    One of the least favourite places to spring clean is the garage. One of the most important places to spring clean? The garage. When you are preparing for warm weather you need to take time to clean the hub of your families warm-weather fun. The garage may be a big task of organisation, but if you don’t have time for that their are several easy spring cleaning tasks for the garage that will help you get ahead even if you don’t have all day.

    / 17th January 2020
  • When to Prune your Bushes and Trees

    When it comes to pruning your plants, trees and shrubs it is important to know when to prune them. Pruning them at the right time leads to having beautiful, healthy plants that are productive. Since different plants need to be pruned at certain times, it is important to know when is the best time.

    / 14th January 2020
  • Garage Upgrades to Make in 2020

    When it comes to your home, your garage is perhaps the room with the least personal value to you. Think about it — has it just become a place to park your car or leave your tools? Or maybe it’s become a place for you to dump miscellaneous items that serve no pressing purpose or have no place inside your house.

    / 11th January 2020
  • How to use pallets to create a garden fence

    Using pallets give you so many options when it comes to DIY fencing and also, usually, you can pallets for free or extremely cheap. I have seen pallets offered for free on various sites as well as pallets that are offered in bulk for a few pounds a stack. This makes it extremely budget-friendly.

    / 9th January 2020
  • Dealing with Snow and Ice Safety

    Even when people absolutely love the snow, no one likes having to deal with it when it comes to safety. The best way to deal with snow and ice safely is to be prepared. Use these ideas as ways to keep safe when dealing with the snow and ice this winter.

    / 31st December 2019