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  • man holding his hands on top of his head

    How to maintain a positive attitude when things are going south + #Giveaway

    We all have those terrible days once in a while. Days when nothing goes as planned and you do a ton of things wrong. Those days test your patience and make you frustrated. But at the same time, those are the days when most of us start to think negative things. As a human, we need to understand that these rough moments are unavoidable.

    / 20th July 2020
  • How Depression Can Affect Weight

    Trying to lose weight while battling depression can be a difficult task, but some logical advice can make the process easier. Being depressed makes any task more difficult, and dealing with weight can be especially hard. Many people experience problems with weight gain when depressed, and there are logical reasons for it.

    / 14th July 2020
  • Why Lockdown is the Best Time to Practise Self Care

    In the midst of the pandemic and the extended lockdowns, stress and anxiety levels can rise. And if using this extended home time as a time to practise self-care seems an idea too far fetched, here’s a bit of help your way.

    / 19th June 2020
  • Foods That Will Help Boost the Immune System

    No one likes to get sick and there are ways that you can protect yourself from getting sick. For instance, there are a few different foods that will help boost your immune system and will help keep you healthy because of the nutrients and vitamins that they provide.

    / 19th May 2020