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  • Whittling Down Your Options When It Comes to Travelling to London

    London is one of the most visited cities in the world. This isn’t all too surprising. After all, it’s the capital of Great Britain and has an astounding number of attractions and things to do. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to visit everywhere and do everything in just one trip.

    / 12th March 2019
  • 3 Good Reasons To Book A Winter Beach Holiday

    What is a winter beach holiday? It’s simple. It’s about booking a holiday by a beach location in winter. For most holidaymakers, beach vacations mean bikini, cocktails in an empty coconut shell and suntan. In reality, you don’t need to fly to tropical destinations to make the most of your outdoor break. Indeed, contrary to common belief, winter is the best time of the year to walk along the beautiful beaches of the United Kingdom.

    / 28th January 2019
  • Planning Your Trip to Majorca

    When visiting Majorca you will notice that the island has breathtaking landscape. It features long stretches of white sand and stunning cliffs and mountains. Whether you are a beach lover, hiker or cyclist, or looking for culture and history, the area is filled with treasures to make any vacation memorable.

    / 4th January 2019
  • Terrorism and National Tragedies – Will anything stop us Brits going abroad?

    Right now, more than ever before, thanks to the internet and low cost long flights, we have access to the world like never before.

    Realistically, though, it is not all sea, sun and sangria for everyone.

    Every year, there are more reports of the most popular holiday destinations are being devastated by natural disasters and terrorist threats and attacks.

    / 3rd January 2019