How to Handle Toxic Family Members

6th May 2021

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to take a moment to place some focus on toxic family members. I’m sure everyone out there knows what I’m talking about and can think about one person in their extended family that happens to be rather toxic to their mental health.

Benefits of mindfulness exercise in our daily life

30th April 2021

Might you be wondering whether you should be mindful more often or not? Then the answer to this question is a big yes; you have to learn to be mindful if you want to lead a peaceful life. Over the past few decades, mindfulness exercise has gained a lot of popularity.

How a single habit a day can change your life?

22nd April 2021

A great man once said that a single habit a day could change our entire life for better or worse. Being focused on the healthier side of life gives us a new perspective, and this perspective helps us see the world for more than it is.

Healing the body with meditation

4th March 2021

Meditation can help reduce the severity of pain that an individual is feeling. It’s important to note before continuing that meditation isn’t a cure-all. It shouldn’t take the place of proper medical attention or medication. Instead, it should be used as a supplemental measure to help alleviate pain.

Strategies for motivation that actually work

26th February 2021

No matter how good you start, there are times that you find yourself uninspired towards something in life. For those very moments, we have brought you 6 psychological proven strategies for motivation that surely works. Let’s learn about them:

Kitchen tools for weight loss

18th February 2021

Kitchens are equipped with basic appliances and utensils; however, a dieter’s needs may involve a little more hardware. Even if a dieter’s kitchen already has the following items for general cooking, she may want to buy separate items to aid in their weight loss journey.

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