4 reasons why social media has become so toxic

15th February 2021

In light of the social media scandals, life has just turned to be extremely tough. It is true that social media is the most demanding platform to keep oneself engaged. These are the best ways to connect ourselves with your family, friends who are living in the country and outside.

The Best Android Apps for Meditation

12th February 2021

When it comes to living in a chaotic world, there’s a significant need for new calming apps that help reduce stress and anxiety. With so much of us going through issues from the pandemic to domestic concerns and other hardships that impact families all over the world, I wanted to share a list of the best Android apps for meditation to help calm your mind so you can feel a little less anxious.

Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day At Home

4th February 2021

Taking the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home instead of going out is something many people are heavily considering due to the hectic current times. Sometimes it feels like not going out for the day can be less romantic or special for your partner, but that’s not necessarily true. If you want to have a good Valentine’s Day without leaving the house as much, here are some romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

Styling A Modern Living Room With A Console Table

1st February 2021

The half-moon console table typically sits off to the side in many homeowners’ living rooms, entries, dining rooms, corridors and more. In fact, because console tables take up so little space, you will even find them in bedrooms, oversized bathrooms, and home offices. You get the idea.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Do’s And Don’ts

26th January 2021

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to or planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, but since it is something so common there’s a lot of crucial mistakes you can know to avoid a lacklustre or bad experience for you or your partner. Here are some Valentine’s Day proposal do’s and don’ts to help you figure out what to do best in this process.

How to motivate yourself in times of failure

18th January 2021

Failure is an inevitable truth in the path of life. Everyone who has tasted success has also faced one or many failures in their journey. It might have brought pain, humiliation or thought of losing all efforts at once, but those who have learnt from failures have mastered life.

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