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  • 10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Decorating Ideas

    Are you keeping your baby’s gender a surprise? Do you know your child’s gender, but just don’t want to give into gender norms? Gender-neutral everything is trending right now, from clothing to names. Why not decorate your baby’s nursery to fit a unisex theme?

    / 15th August 2019
  • 10 Home Decor Ideas for a Teenage Boy’s Room

    Decorating a teenage boy’s room can be difficult. It’s already hard enough to get him to keep it clean! A teenager’s bedroom is their safe haven, whether they use it to entertain friends, study, or just to sleep. These home décor ideas are sure to get your son thinking about what he wants his space to look like.

    / 2nd August 2019
  • How to add that personalised touch to your baby’s nursery + #Giveaway

    You’ve picked out the perfect nursery furniture, cot bed, hanging mobile, and the cutest night light to compliment your nursery theme/décor.
    But still, on your design to do list, are livening up those bare walls. Walls are a great place to add your style and colour and are a great way of pulling everything together.

    / 29th July 2019
  • 7 Tips to Start Reducing Water Wastage at Home

    Taking steps to preserve water and help conserve the precious resource is not just a good idea, but is also a necessary step today, considering how more and more areas are struggling with drought today.

    / 18th July 2019
  • 14 Chandeliers to DIY

    When it comes to decorating your home, you might have a look you are striving for. Something that just screams your style and passion. However, sometimes, it can be hard to get the right look when it comes to store-bought designs. It could also be you want something that no one else would have. That is when it is best to turn to a DIY project, like a DIY chandelier.

    / 28th June 2019
  • Simple Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Are you looking for a new bathroom design? However, lack the funds or expertise to complete a remodel of your existing space? It can be easy to look at a space and think that it all needs to be ripped out and started afresh. However, with some simple bathroom decorating ideas you can transform the space you have without gutting.

    / 21st June 2019