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  • Macbook Pro on a cheap ikea desk, cheap ikea lamp and cheap ikea plants and pots

    Must have things in your workspace when you work from home

    There are many things that make working from home a lot easier and doable. Making sure that your productivity doesn’t go down just because you are working remotely is very essential. While most stuff is still not available because of the pandemic, there is still a lot you can add to your workspace at home.

    / 5th June 2020
  • How to set up a family command centre

    Life is always easier when you are organised. We all know it but we seldom put it into practice. This is because it seems like it is hard to get organised and stay that way. When you make a family command centre, it is much easier to get organised and stay organised.

    / 25th May 2020
  • Easy ideas to transform and personalise your rented space

    When you live in a rented property, it can sometimes be tricky to make the place really feel as though it’s your own. With furniture usually already in place and restrictions on how you can and can’t decorate – it can be tricky to put your own stamp on the place without overstepping the mark.

    / 19th March 2020
  • Renovation Tips Every DIY Enthusiast Should Know

    Renovating a home is a big step for some people to take, with lots of different things to consider before a project is undertaken. There are lots of tutorials out there for people looking to carry out specific jobs, but it isn’t only the process you should be looking at when approaching a DIY job. Depending on the size, there are other factors equally as important that are often missed or not given enough thought.

    / 16th March 2020