5 Ways you can improve your mindset

7th June 2024

Improving your mindset can be the first step to changing your life. It is that simple. Your mind is a powerful tool, and with focus and positivity, it can dramatically improve your approach to things and the way you feel.

Finding a healthy balance in life

3rd June 2024

Do you have balance? Unfortunately, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), many Americans are experiencing increased stress levels; their lives frustratingly out of sync. If this includes you, seek to develop these everyday habits that will help you maintain balance and achieve mind-body harmony.

How Walking Can Improve Your Mood

27th May 2024

Walking for exercise is a great mood enhancer. If you are stressed out, angry or feeling blue, a brisk twenty-minute walk in the fresh air will bring your mood back into balance.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Piercing

13th May 2024

Piercings rarely offer anything to be really concerned about. Just follow the tips above, and you should have no problems at all. If you have any more specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask the shop doing the piercing.

Could Your Home Be Healthier? Here’s What To Consider

26th April 2024

When it comes to our home, there is no doubt that we can all be a little healthier or take a healthier approach. Our homes can get messy and untidy, they can get infected with germs when one member of the family brings an illness home from school or work, and it can be quite difficult to maintain your home with a busy lifestyle.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Facial Beauty

19th April 2024

Take a look in this article at some of the really simple but highly effective things you can do to improve your facial beauty. As long as you are doing the following at least, or even just some of it, you’ll find that you can improve your facial appearance considerably in no time, and with great results.

Seven Great Ways To Reduce Computer Eye Strain And Fatigue

26th February 2024

In today’s busy world of technology, many of us are required to spend long hours staring at computer screens. Over 70% of computer users have had complaints of eye strain or other bothersome visual problems. Here are a few things you can do to minimise eye strain while working on your computer.

Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

19th February 2024

Drinking a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage of some description is a very social thing to do. We are surrounded by bars and restaurants. Even drinking at home is seen as normal. But when is social drinking becoming too much? Do you think you drink too much alcohol? 

Here Comes the Sun: A Guide to Basking in Vitamin D with Care

9th January 2024

Welcome to life on the sunny side, where we harness the sun’s natural benefits while being mindful of skin health. As the earth slowly spins towards summertime, more sun’s rays reach us each day – providing an ideal opportunity for stockpiling much-needed Vitamin D levels safely.

Four Things Every Woman Should Consider At That Time Of The Month

31st October 2023

Dealing with monthly periods can be challenging for women, but various methods can make it more bearable. Getting enough rest, maintaining a healthy diet, and opting for comfortable menstrual protection like menstrual cups, period pants, and reusable pads can alleviate discomfort. It’s important to try and maintain a positive mindset, despite the physical and emotional strain of this period. Remember, your body is doing something incredible.