Why Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

31st August 2017

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A fine watch is a staple of every successful man or woman’s style. However, not everyone is ready to pay the full price of a Rolex or a Tag Heuer. If a brand-new model is too much for your budget, perhaps you should consider a pre-owned watch instead.

Thanks to websites like Craigslist you can find affordable, pre-owned watches easily. A lot of reputable jewellery stores like Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Ring Store also have a lot of pre-owned timepieces in their inventory. They also tend to have a better choice and offer lifetime maintenance even for a pre-owned piece.

Why Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

No matter which model you choose and the reason you’re buying it, a pre-owned watch allows you to adorn yourself in a stylish timepiece for a fraction of the full price of the watch. But while the price is one of the main reasons why many choose to buy pre-owned watches, there are a number of other benefits to this decision. Here are some of them:

They are More Affordable

Depending on the condition of the watch, pre-owned pieces usually come at a significantly more affordable price than a brand-new timepiece. Vintage and rare pieces are an exception to this rule, as the fact that they are more desirable adds to their price.

But if you’re looking for a relatively new watch with an unchanged price, a pre-owned watch is definitely a more affordable option. Any new watch significantly loses a significant portion of its price as soon as you walk out of the store with it. Therefore, you can even find pre-owned watches in mint condition.

They Are Highly Durable

Luxury watches are made to last. Good watches can last several lifetimes. That means that most pre-owned watches look brand new and do not go out of style. They are often designed with a classic style in mind meant to last ages.

That is why, if you are looking for an affordable yet durable watch, a pre-owned timepiece is a perfect fit. If you take proper care of a watch it can serve you well for decades and more. If you do have any issues along the way you’ll be able to find watch parts to be able to keep your favourite watch in working order.

A Wide Selection

Another benefit of buying a pre-owned watch is its wide selection. When buying a pre-owned watch you are not limited to a single, trending collection. You can choose from any collection that fits your style. With a wider array of choices, finding the perfect watch is also easier.

Some manufacturers like Rolex did not significantly change their components or design, which means that investing in an older model like a Submariner is sometimes a more logical move.

No Price Markups or Drop offs

As we mentioned earlier, as soon as you buy a luxury watch it immediately loses a significant percentage of its price. The same goes for cars and other luxury goods. However, when buying a pre-owned watch you don’t have to worry about the price drop, as it has already happened when its previous owner bought it. If the retail price of the watch hasn’t increased drastically, this means that you can buy the watch for less than its original price. Similarly, if you buy pre-owned you can dodge the store markup.

Never Goes Out of Style

A pre-owned watch is a timeless accessory, not a trendy trinket. Most luxurious watches like a Rolex Day-Date have not changed much when it comes to appearance. The same goes for many other famous models. After all, if it’s not broken why fix it?

These watches have a timeless design that will look great with every outfit, on every occasion. That is why an older model may look almost the same compared to the latest model in the line but at a more affordable price. Besides, brands like Rolex, Cartier or Omega, stay desirable regardless of whether they are rare or not, as quoted here: http://www.leohamel.com/blog/index.php/2017/08/how-sell-pre-owned-watches/

Why Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

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