How To Get Smooth Skin For Summer

How To Get Smooth Skin For Summer

29th April 2024

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Winter can dry skin out. Here is a quick guide on how to exfoliate arms, thighs and bum to get smooth skin for summer.

As always when summer approaches, women begin to panic about their body for getting bikini-ready. This is not just to do with weight, but to do with getting smooth skin. Clothes worn during winter tend to be tighter, with fewer bare legs and arms, making the skin aggravated and dry.

Simply washing using shower gel is not enough to remove the dry skin cells: they must be exfoliated. This simple guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to exfoliate three areas that may be neglected over the winter. These are for use in or out of the shower, with directions telling which, as part of a regular routine.

How to Exfoliate Arms

Some people may find that they get pimples on the back of their arms. This is because of dry skin cells, which clog up the follicles on the arms. The following should be done in the shower, with wet skin.

A loofah mitt is best for using on arms, although a face cloth may be used. A regular loofah can be too coarse for the delicate skin on the arms, and therefore should not be used.

The loofah or face cloth should be wet and some shower or bath gel applied to it. It should then be rubbed over the whole of each arm, from the top of the arms down to the wrists. Both the top and the underside should be done, with special attention paid to the backs of the upper arms and elbows, where dry skin tends to appear the most. An up-and-down motion is better than circular for these areas. This should be done for about two or three minutes, and should not be done too hard – be careful not to break the skin.

How To Get Smooth Skin For Summer

How to Exfoliate Legs and Bum

Wearing tights and trousers almost constantly during the winter months means that the friction can damage leg skin, as well as clog the follicles. Exfoliating using a body brush can help not only take off the dead skin cells but also to boost circulation, which can help drain excess fluid in the legs.

There are two types of body brush that can be used: one has a handle, with bristles on one side and knobbly dimples on the other; the second type is one-sided and has the knobbly dimples amongst the bristles.

It is best to use the one-sided brush before a shower, and then use a body scrub on the area in the shower, in order to help take away the skin cells. Directions for how to brush are given below but should be finished with circular motions. Again, some pressure should be applied while using the mitt, but not enough to hurt or break the skin. However, the skin should be slightly pinkish when finished, which is a sign that the circulation has been boosted.

If using a two-sided body brush, use the bristle side before going in the shower. Brush upwards from the ankles, concentrating on the backs of the thighs. Use it in circular motions on the bottom. These directions should also be used for brushing with a one-sided brush. With the two-sided brush, however, the dimpled side should be used alongside body scrub in the shower, with upward circular motions. The whole process should take no more than ten minutes, and should only be done two or three times a week.

How To Get Smooth Skin For Summer

What Smooth Skin Means

With the skin exfoliated, it is easier to get hair-free with minimum fuss and leads to fewer ingrown hairs. It also leaves a good base for moisturising, using fake tan or a toning product.

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