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1st September 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Jane from Northern Mum showcasing her favourite things.  Read her blog posts for a refreshing take on what life is like as a parent.  For money-saving tips check out her sister site From Spending to Saving.

A Few Favourite Things – Northern Mum

I’m Jane, single mum to three, often found either sitting behind a laptop or lifting heavy things in the gym! Author of www.northernmum.com and www.fromspendingtosaving.co.uk

Favourite room in your home

My bedroom/office – It is new!  We relocated last year from Berkshire to Yorkshire and downsized heavily on our home.  This meant we had a three-bedroom as opposed to our previous four-bed.  So the twins have been sharing a room again, which hasn’t made anyone happy.  With secondary school approaching and my boy/girl twins getting older it meant the action was needed.

So my children have evicted me from upstairs and I have converted our conservatory into my bedroom/office.

I was dubious at first – but I flipping love it.  I get to work in front of my garden and have the best view to wake to.  I have gone for a white minimalist theme, just my desk, bed and books and I rarely venture out – except to the kitchen for that all-important cup of tea!  It has a really calm sense to it, I even think I am getting more work done!

A Few Favourite Things - Northern Mum

Favourite trend

Outside of my bedroom, our theme is the more traditional cottage with a touch of chaos.  Four people squeezed in means we fill every corner and every crevice has a purpose.  However, it feels rustic and familiar, which I love.

Favourite thing you own

My kindle! Sad but true, when we moved I had to say goodbye to my vast collection of books – now I have them all on a tiny Kindle.  Happiness does come in small packages.

Favourite colour

Blue, is calming, and I just redid my garden decking in that colour and it is the first thing I see every day.

A Few Favourite Things - Northern Mum

Favourite season

I love summer, and we spend it outside, so the focus in the garden.  We grow veggies and eat outside whenever the weather lets us!  This year we re did the garden completely and it is lovely!!!

Favourite about where you live

I live near a street full of wine bars in a small village – it is perfect.  Lots of friends are close by, easy to walk to town for a glass of wine with the ladies, and some amazing boutique shops!  I wouldn’t live anywhere else.  We are surrounded by countryside but close to a vibrant little centre – best of both worlds.

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