11 Flawless and Fashionable Accessories to Make Your Summer Sizzle

22nd June 2018

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When summer starts approaching you get a rush of excitement and want to kit out your home, garden, and closet with the latest summer sizzlers. You are always looking to change up your home and keep up with the seasons, so now is the perfect opportunity to invest in some new bits and pieces. Whether you are hoping to improve your garden for a spectacular summer barbecue or you want to add some fresh vibes to your summer wardrobe. When the rays are shining there is nothing more exciting than inviting your closest friends and family round for a get-together. You want the party to be a hit so make your house refreshed and ready, whilst adding a hint of glam to your wardrobe. Consider these eleven awesome ideas to make your summer a sensational sizzler.

  1. Pool Perfection

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard then you need to kit it out with the latest hot accessory. These bean bag pool floats make an awesome addition to any pool party and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Lounge around on it whilst you sip a cool cocktail or buy a few and have a paddling race against your family.

  1. Fabulous Flowers

When the sun is shining flowers will blossom and bloom brightly for everyone to see, so plant some of your favourites right now. Whether you want to grow a tall and splendid sunflower or plant perfect purple peonies, flowers are an awesome addition to any garden. Opt for bold bright colours such as orange, pink, yellow and red, for the biggest and best impact in your gloriously green garden.

  1. Banging Barbecue

If you haven’t already got a huge grill outside then now is the perfect time to invest in one. Whether you’re an avid chef or not, anybody can grill sausages, halloumi and kebabs on the barbecue and make them taste sensational. The bigger the barbecue the better the taste in my opinion, so find a huge size to feed all of your hungry guests at once.

  1. Funky Furniture

Having a backyard full of comfortable couches, swings and chairs are exactly what a summer fuelled party should look like. No matter how big or small your garden is, you need to update your furniture this year so it is welcoming and practical. If you’re the type of person who loved lounging on a sunbed whilst sipping a cocktail, then sun loungers need to be on your furniture list for sure.

  1. Beautiful Blankets

As well as fabulous furniture, you should always have picnic blankets at the ready if you ever want to take the party to the beach. Large, soft picnic blankets are a must have this summer season; you can even get them as part of a set if you buy a classic picnic basket with all of the trimmings. Blankets are perfect for setting up a kids area at a party too if you or your friends have little ones to cater for.

  1. Stunning Sunnies

Now that your home and garden are looking absolutely spot on, it’s time to reflect that chic style in your summer wardrobe. New sunglasses are a must every time summer rolls around; there is always a new style or trends to keep up with. Choose a pair of new sunglasses that are going to make a statement this year, whether they are a different shape, size or tint to what you normally wear, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

  1. Happy Handbag

Your summer handbag should be jam-packed full of important goodies so you need to choose wisely. You want it to be secure and waterproof so that you can take it to the beach, but not too expensive in case it gets ruined by sand or sun cream explosion. As long as you can fit your sunnies, sun lotion, beach towel and a bottle of water you will be all set.

  1. Smart Sandals

Footwear in summer needs to be breathable and comfortable, so take this into account when you go shopping for your new stylish sandals. Try on a few different types in the shop and make sure they are going to suit your general summer clothing. There is no use in buying a pair of hot pink sandals without anything to wear them with! Go back to basics when it comes to footwear and you can jazz your outfit up with jewellery.

  1. Hot Hats

Not only do hats help protect your head from the heat of the midday sun, but they also serve as a super hot accessory for the summer. Big floppy straw hats are so in fashion right now, so if you haven’t already invested in one, now would be the perfect time to try it out. If you are more of a cool, casual dresser then baseball caps are actually really popular right now too. Whatever your style is you are bound to find a hat that makes a statement.

  1. Sassy Swimwear

You can’t dip into the pool without some super sassy swimwear; whether you’re a two-piece lover or a bikini babe find something that makes you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong when it comes to swimwear, just find something that suits you.

  1. Divine Dresses

A new summer dress is essential for every girl when the sun starts shining. Playsuits are also a timeless outfit for those casual, lazy summer days. From floral prints to stripes find a shade that suits your skin tone, hair and eye colour and you will have heads turning right away.

You will be all set to have the most fun and fabulous summer of all time if you take into account all of these amazing accessories. From perfect pool accessories to super sunglasses you need to make sure you have everything ticked off your list. Summer has officially started, so there isn’t any time to lose. Get your family and close friends all together for some sunny celebrations and it will surely be a year to remember.

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