How To Turn A Boring Home Into An Exciting Home

29th August 2018

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Moving house is an incredibly exciting feeling, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. There’s nothing quite like crossing the threshold to your new home for the first time, knowing that it will serve as your base of operations and perhaps even a place to build a family. Once that initial elation wears off, though, you might start feeling bored and frustrated with your new surroundings.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way; if you haven’t decorated or started personalising yet, then your house probably just won’t do it for you. Even if you have started decorating and you’re still feeling burnt out, don’t worry; after all the excitement of moving in, there’s a chance you just find your home boring. We’ve collected some tips for you to turn your boring home into an exciting one, so you can rekindle the spark you felt when you first arrived.

Personalise each room

Moving from one drab, identikit room to another can feel like a chore. If there’s nothing on the walls, nothing on the shelves and nothing on the floors of your living room, bedroom and other places, then it’s natural that you’d feel bored by being in your house. For a unique personal touch, why not enlist the services of a good quality photography studio to create some bespoke images of your family? Hanging these on the walls or placing them on your shelves can really lend a sense of individuality to your living space. To further add to the aesthetic, add some colourful rugs, extra artwork and sculptures, and grab some books you like the look of to place on your bookshelves. It’ll start feeling exciting again before you know it.

Build an interesting pet run

If you have a pet, this is an excellent way to personalise your abode and make it exciting for you, and it’s also going to make your furry friend happy into the bargain. Cat owners should consider a cat run in at least one of the house’s rooms; usually, these are interconnected tunnel arrangements through which cats can merrily scurry, giving them a good bit of exercise and adding a very idiosyncratic talking point to your house to boot. For bonus points, try building interconnected runs through different rooms. Nothing livens up a home quite like a cat or a hamster sprinting through its tunnel from room to room; with the aid of your animal friend, you’ll be energised and falling in love with your house all over again.

Co-ordinate a bold colour scheme

Everyone’s house has magnolia walls, so why not do something a little different? Obviously, we’re not advocating a bright pink and green colour palette for your living room (or maybe we are), but you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with the way you decorate your rooms, especially if the old-school neutral tones just aren’t doing it for you. Local hardware stores always have great paint swatches for you to look at, so you can browse the colours available to you before you make a decision. Think outside the box, be brave, and try to imagine what the room will look like once it’s finished. Pick a combination that’s deliberately provocative, so that not only will guests remark on it when they visit, but it’ll be a constant surprise for you as well.

We hope these tips have gone some way towards rekindling the love you once had for your home. Even if you’re still in the honeymoon period, keep these tips in mind – they might be a lifesaver one day!

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