3 Home Decorating Tips to improve your home

30th May 2017

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Contrary to popular belief interior designers do not have a special secret guidebook. There are no set rules or laws that are unbreakable that they follow. They depend mainly on something that we all have which is their imagination. However, there are certain principles that they follow. These, when coupled with their imagination and creativity, can help to make any room in your house look better. Fortunately for you, these principles are available for anyone. Here are 3 home decorating tips that will improve your home.

3 Home Decorating Tips to improve your home

3 Home Decorating Tips to improve your home

Have a focal point

To begin you need to decide what is going to be the star of your room. This will act as the focal point. Allow other items in a room to support the star. This focal point can be many things. A piece of art in the living room. It may be a centre table or a fireplace. It does not matter what it is. Just ensure that the other pieces of furniture or items in the room are all positioned to amplify this item. Additionally, lighting can be used to enhance the item. These also help to give your room and house a more stunning look.

Let your furniture breathe

You should always avoid the urge to overcrowd a room. Each room in your house should have enough room for you to manoeuvre easily. There is no need to occupy a space with a lot of furniture. You should invest in fewer but high-quality items. This gives a much better look than if it is filled with stuff obtained at a flea market. The correct spacing allows your room to feel lighter. It gives a more relaxing and comfortable feeling.                    

Choose the paint last

This tip is primarily for those who are moving into or redecorating their home. You should select your paint colour last. There are so many different colour paints and shades to choose from. Each home and room has a particular colour that might best suit it. Getting that right colour can only be done if you have the furniture, carpets and artwork present. You should then select a colour that complements these items. Applying these tips is definitely a great way to improve your home décor.

3 Home Decorating Tips to improve your home

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