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Houseplants You Should Have and Their Health Benefits

28th May 2020

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Having plants scattered throughout your home will not only brighten things up, but houseplants can also have many different health and mental benefits. 

Health Benefits of Houseplants

There are many different houseplants that can beneficial to your health. Plants naturally absorb and remove harmful toxins and airborne particles and release moisture and oxygen into the air. 

Because the plants are removing things from the air, those who suffer from allergies will benefit. If you do suffer from allergies, you will want to steer clear of those plants that have pollen or spores. 

Houseplants have also been said to reduce your stress levels and boost your mood because it brings a little colour and foliage around you, making them perfect for keeping around the house or on your desk at work. 

Houseplants you should have in your home

Houseplants You Should Have and Their Health Benefits
Aloe Vera houseplant in a white pot

English Ivy

You typically see ivy as an outdoor plant, but ivy can be kept indoors. Having ivy in your home will help clean and absorb airborne mould in your home making the air easier to breathe.

Peace Lily

A Peace Lily is another great plant to keep in the house to help absorb some of the toxins in your home and can help the toxins from spreading across the different rooms. It is actually said to be one of the more efficient filters of all the plants when it comes to trapping those pollutants in your home.

Snake Plants

The best thing about these is that they can absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen to help improve the air quality by removing xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene. They are easy to grow and take care of so go ahead and put a few around the house and in the bedroom to help you breathe better throughout the day and at night!

Boston Fern

Another good air-purifying plant that is great for removing formaldehyde which is typically found in many household products.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only great for the skin but keeping an aloe plant in the home can also purify the air by absorbing compounds from paint or cleaning products. It is also handy to keep during the summer to help treat your sunburn or other mild burns and is one of the easiest houseplants to grow.

Gerbera Daisy

Found by NASA to be the most effective plant when it comes to removing benzene from the air, these daisies can also absorb other airborne compounds like the snake plants.


If you live in a dry weather area or an area where the winter gets cold, Dieffenbachias are good for releasing moisture into the air. This can come in handy in the winter when using a heater because heaters typically take a lot of the moisture out of the air.


Another beautiful flowering plant that helps filter the indoor air and keep the pollutants down.

Houseplants You Should Have and Their Health Benefits
pink and white orchid houseplant

How houseplants can help with your mental health

Keeping houseplants around your home can also help with your mental health according to some studies. 

Between the extra oxygen they produce, the air pollutants they remove, and the colourful or peaceful ambience they give, houseplants can be helpful with reducing depression, stress, and lowering anxiety which will help you mentally and emotionally.

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