Is your Pooch a Sleep Saviour or Snooze Saboteur?

18th September 2023

They are known as our four-legged best friend and a fully-fledged member of the family… but do our beloved dogs really make the best sleep partners?  Understand the pros and cons when it comes to nature – not nurture – behind canine co-bed-habiting.

Common mistakes you should avoid as a new pet owner

29th December 2020

To make your first pet experience memorable, we have gathered a list of common mistakes you should avoid as a new pet owner. Getting a new pet is exciting and you want to get everything for the new addition in your life! It is completely okay to freak out a little bit and do things that you shouldn’t do.

Introducing the Cattitude Box for all those Crazy Cat Ladies!

12th August 2019

Cats have taken over the internet, Instagram and pop culture and most cat owners have embraced their “crazy cat lady” status and consider it a compliment. Anyone who is crazy about cats will love the fantastic Cattitude Box subscription that has been created for cat ladies (dare we say, crazy cat ladies) and their cats.

Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

6th August 2019

For some dog owners, the battle between their plants and their pets ends in the decimation of the garden they worked so hard to create. Newly planted shrubs are overturned and expectant fruit trees pillaged. Even worse is when a much-loved pet is harmed by eating a poisonous plant that seems innocuous but turns out to be lethal to canines.

How to ensure your dog feels at home

1st July 2019

Whether you are getting a new dog or you are moving somewhere new with your dog, you always want to make sure that your dog feels comfortable and at home. Use these ideas to create a safe and welcoming space for your dog

5 Pet-Friendly Christmas Decoration Tips

7th November 2018

Christmas season is upon us and most of us have started thinking about decorating our homes. But pet owners mustn’t only consider their own desires and traditions when selecting decorations, but the safety of their cats and dogs, too. Sadly, some traditional Christmas decorations can be harmful to our pets. Fortunately, with some careful planning and the clever use of alternatives, it is possible to make your home a pet-friendly, Christmas wonderland.

How To Turn A Boring Home Into An Exciting Home

29th August 2018

Moving house is an incredibly exciting feeling, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. There’s nothing quite like crossing the threshold to your new home for the first time, knowing that it will serve as your base of operations and perhaps even a place to build a family. Once that initial elation wears off, though, you might start feeling bored and frustrated with your new surroundings.

6 Ways To Create A Pet-Friendly Garden

21st August 2018

When you bring a pet home, whether it be a cat or a dog, you need to get used to the fact that your house isn’t really yours anymore. Your beautiful sofa will become a scratching post, your favourite shoes will become chew toys, every surface becomes somewhere to roll around, sit, and sleep, and your garden tends to see some damage too. Thankfully, just like there are ideas for pet-friendly decor, you can create a pet-friendly garden. Here are six things you can do…

5 Ideas for pet-friendly decor

8th August 2017

Having pets living indoors doesn’t mean that we cannot have nice things anymore. Sometimes their items can be a great addition to your already existing decor. Take a look at these ideas for pet-friendly decor…