How to set up a family command centre

25th May 2020

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Life is always easier when you are organised. We all know it but we seldom put it into practice. This is because it seems like it is hard to get organised and stay that way. When you make a family command centre, it is much easier to get organised and stay organised. 

How to set up a family command centre

A family command centre is a great way to have one space that you have everything you need to stay on top of what is going on in the family. This space, no matter how busy life gets with kids’ school, kids’ sports, doctor appointments, work schedules, mail and everything else, is where you have everything you need to stay on top of things no matter what direction you need to go. 

Where Should Your Family Command Centre Be

You want to pick a high traffic area in your house. A hallway or a kitchen, or even the living room is a great place to have the command centre. This way, everyone sees it and it is easy to place the important things there. You be tempted to hide the command centre away, like in an office or some part of the house that isn’t seen much but the problem with that is, if you don’t see it much, you won’t feel as compelled to keep it clean and organised. Then before you know it, your command centre is a pile of stuff that you have no idea what is what. 

How to set up a family command centre

What You Need in Your Family Command Centre

When you make your family command centre, there are certain things you need to have in place to make it easier. At a minimum, you want to have a wall, a basket, and hooks. 


Hang a calendar in your command centre. You want to have a calendar that you like because when something is pretty, people tend to use it more, but you want to have a calendar that is functional. 

Write down everything on your calendar from birthdays, to work events, to school events. You can add important dates like project dates for the kids, school trips, and other important kid dates. When everything important is in one place, it is easier to know what is going on at a glance. 

Add a Clock

Every command centre should have a clock. Most people think they do not need clocks because phones have the time, or other appliances have a clock, but having a clock in the command centre is important. While a digital clock will work, if you have kids, having an analogue clock will help kids learn how to tell time. 


Have baskets for everything. Baskets are great for keeping the area organised and neat. The baskets will also help you be able to find everything that you need. Each person in the house can have a basket, a basket for mail, and another for important things. Also, place supplies in a basket or a shelf. Things like scissors, tape, staplers, envelopes, and other important things that you might need. 

Create the perfect command centre to help keep your home running smoothly and to stay organised.

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