Why houseplants are easily worth the effort

31st October 2017

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Many people would love the idea of having a house full of exciting plant life to spruce up their home and make it look fresh. However, a lot of the time people are put off by the watering and general tending that plants require. But houseplants can bring happiness to people living with you and also provide other functions that make them more than worth the effort.

Why houseplants are easily worth the effort

Make an herb garden

If you even remotely care about cooking then having an herb garden somewhere in your house is going to be incredibly helpful. Not only will you always have the herbs that you need in your house, they also smell fantastic and can lift a kitchen to feeling like a professional yet comfortable environment. Not to mention fresh herbs will dramatically increase the quality of your cooking.

Bathroom plants

The bathroom is easily room in the house with the greatest potential to end up smelling bad. If however, you have some fragrant plants in there it can dampen this down slightly, not to mention the humidity of the bathroom after bathing or showering is ideal for many plants who will otherwise need only very occasional tending. It can provide your time in the bathroom with a new energy and make the morning ablutions much more interesting.

Window dressing

If you want your house to appear as a clean and homely place to be then window boxes or vases of flowers are the perfect way to do this. Instantly noticeable even before getting into the house, they show that somebody really cares about taking care of the house and making people coming in feel comfortable. They can offer a previously dark or sparsely decorated room with a great piece to catch the eye and make the whole experience of going into someone’s house far more enjoyable.


If you live in a house that contains a lot of wood, maybe the floors or the furniture, there is no better way to complement this than with some lush, green houseplants. They bring a completely natural vibe to the space and make the room feel interesting and packed with character without cluttering up the place with too much furniture. They can also work very well to complement a more modern, lighter room by contrasting with a heavy green giving a striking look that brings the best out of the design.

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