Witchy Wallpapers to Transform Your Space This Halloween

23rd October 2020

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The latest witchy wallpapers collection by MuralsWallpaper offers a liveable way to bring mystical vibes into your home. There are five designs in the collection, encapsulating the most recognisable symbols of magic, from black cats to tarot cards. 

With Mercury in Retrograde for the final time this year, and Halloween just around the corner, Spooky Season is well and truly here. Some people like to go all-in with the decorations, turning their home into a haunted house – whilst others might prefer something more subtle. If you’re team understated, you might prefer the witchy boho look to the all-out spooky decor. By combining magical motifs like crystals, tarot cards and palm reading with soft colours such as pink, off-white and lilac, you can create a magical-yet-zen space to enjoy all year round. 

Mystical Moons and Stars

Mystical, the leading design in the collection, is a mural of moons and stars. Available in both off white/grey and pink/white, the intricate details are eye-catching, but don’t detract from the minimalistic design. Perfect for a bedroom or nursery, Mystical works well with light or dark neutral colours, or you could take the theme to the next level with fairy lights and incense to create a cozy, warm space. Try Urban Outfitters for homeware that will add to the look. 

Future Predicting Tarot

Tarot cards are one of the most accessible ways to get into magic. The cards are said to predict the future. The Tarot wallpaper design consists of hand-drawn cards, depicting all of the most iconic readings, from The Sun to Chariot. Available in trending lilac, or off-white/grey. This design is ideal for a minimalist bedroom – pair with cushions in similar soft tones such as delicate pink, and make it inviting with soft, warm white lighting. 


Black cats are one of the most iconic mystical symbols, and this design pays homage to the supernatural felines. Named after Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s sassy companion, Salem is a repeat pattern of black cats with lunar symbols. You can choose from lilac or white/dark grey. This design is perfect for a little one’s room – it’s playful yet sophisticated enough to grow with them. 


Crystals are becoming one of the most popular magical symbols, reaching the high street with fun trinkets such as crystal-infused water bottles, having long been used in jewellery. The Reiki design explores crystal clusters and combines them with twinkling stars. Available in nude/white or lilac, both colourways are neutral, meaning that the repeat nature of the design doesn’t get overwhelming. Reiki works well in living rooms, combined with Scandi-inspired furniture, or in bedrooms with wooden tones

Palm Reader

Palm reading has stepped out of the shadow of kitschy booths in seaside towns and is a celebrated form of future prediction. The Palm Reader design by MuralsWallpaper is a pattern of hand motifs, intricately covered in cosmic symbols such as moons, suns, eyes and constellations. The off-white colour is perfect to liven up a plain white room or could serve as the focal point of a boho living room. 

witchy wallpapers from MuralWallpapers

Wallpaper Hanging Tips

  • Preparation is key – remove any old backing paper, remove any sockets or light switch covers, clean the walls with warm water and mild soap and allow to dry for 24 hours. 
  • Allow the wallpaper to acclimatise to the room you’re hanging in for 24 hours, by taking it out of the packaging and allowing it to unravel slightly.
  • If you’ve just painted the wall with emulsion, leave it for 4 weeks before you hang wallpaper. 
  • Work from the top and allow the wallpaper to fall naturally – never stretch the paper.
  • If you get any paste on the surface of your wallpaper, gently wipe away with a clean damp cloth straightaway.
  • Allow the wallpaper to dry at room temperature, with lots of ventilation. If there is a radiator or other heat source on the wall, turn it off for the first day to reduce the possibility of shrinkage.