Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths

Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths

13th November 2023

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Holiday wreaths have long been a staple of winter decorating. Whether they’re used on doors, windows, fences, or elsewhere, they always add a bright touch of holiday cheer.

Wreaths are incredibly versatile, with literally thousands of options available. Some are easy to create and make terrific DIY craft projects, while others are more complicated and are best made by professionals.

When making or designing a holiday wreath, think about different combinations of greenery, flowers, feathers, ornaments, and accents. When simple materials are used they can be inexpensive but when they get more complicated and make use of flowers and expensive foliage the price can get quite high.

Before deciding on a wreath, think about what shape best suits the area where it will be displayed. Round holiday wreaths are still considered the traditional shape, but square wreaths have been gaining in popularity in recent years and have a slightly more modern look. Both are beautiful.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Different Holiday Wreaths

Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths
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Branches, Leaves, Fruits, and Flower Wreaths

Magnolia leaf wreaths are substantial on their own but are even more impressive when embellished with citrus fruits. Clementines, lemons, orange kumquats – the colours of these fruits accent magnolia wreaths beautifully. The great thing about magnolia wreaths is that they look just as good when they’ve dried out as they do when they’re fresh, so they’ll last for a long time.

Fragrant and beautiful, roses come in a variety of colours and styles and look great when tightly packed in wreaths. Mix red roses with fresh juniper and Lily Grass. Roses tend to be expensive, so if you don’t want to break the bank, choose a holiday wreath that has a few roses as accents. Mix them with hydrangeas, pinecones, and seasonal greenery. White roses are particularly stunning when combined with seasonal greens and pinecones. There really are no rules.

Twig wreaths are rustic and charming. When covered with tiny crystals or clear acrylic balls/ornaments, they conjure up thoughts of ice and snow. Silver ornaments and ribbons add personality.

Feather Wreaths Make Great Holiday Decorations

Feathers are fun and festive. Any colour, any size, and a feather holiday wreath is a modern take on traditional decoration. For a really glam version try using colourful peacock feathers.

Feathers make a statement on their own, so it’s best not to embellish them with too many extras. That said, they can benefit from some additions. For instance, a white feather wreath can look lovely when accented with some fake-snow-covered Styrofoam balls and some simple crystal ornaments. If colour is desired, choose one accent colour, but try to show some restraint. Some ribbon in a nice colour looks good, but don’t overdo it. Too many colours or embellishments added to a feather wreath will look garish.

Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths
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Easy DIY Wreaths

Wreaths can be very easy to make. If you’re looking for a simple DIY craft project, try making a pinecone or cranberry wreath.

Nothing says Christmas like festive ornaments. An easy and glamorous holiday wreath comes from hot glueing inexpensive ornaments to a simple wreath form. Try different colour combinations like silver, blue, and white; different shades of green; brown and gold; and orange and yellow. Remember to vary the sizes as well as the matte and shiny varieties. A great thing to do with this type of homemade Christmas wreath is to customize it to match the rest of your holiday décor. Tie a matching ribbon around to use as a hanger.

Another simple craft holiday wreath is to use varying sizes of Styrofoam balls. Spray paint them with fun colours, or spray them with fake snow for a wintry delight. Attach the balls to the wreath form using hot glue and toothpicks. The toothpicks will help keep the balls in place during the glueing process.

Sometimes the most beautiful decorations are the ones that showcase what nature has to offer. For a simple craft, purchase a pine or cedar wreath and then embellish it with items from your own backyard. Or try it with a twig wreath. Pinecones, berries, other types of leaves, and greenery – it doesn’t matter what you choose. The key is to be creative and have fun with it.

Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths
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A Sweet Wreath

From candies to cookies, nothing screams Christmas like sweets, and these wreaths are especially for children, and those who love sweets. Start by buying a plain cheap wreath, Or cut your one out of thick cardboard. Next simply hot glue candies such as Candy Canes, Peppermint’s, and Ribbon Candies, all over the wreath, making sure to overlap pieces for a 3 dimension look and to cover the entire wreath with no bald spots.

Once you are finished you can place a bow on your wreath, or leave it plain with just candies. For a cookie wreath, you can use homemade cookies, or store-bought, it doesn’t matter. With a hot glue gun glue the cookies all over the entire holiday wreath, overlapping cookies to keep that 3-dimensional look, and again hiding any bald spots. With both the candy and the cookie wreath you will need to spay 3 coats of a clear coat sealant spray over the entire project.

Allow each coat of spray to dry before applying another coat. Once the 3 coats are applied and dried, your wreath is ready to hang. The clear coat sealant spray can be bought at any craft or paint store. Applying this sealant is very important, it will protect your wreath from the weather, and bugs.

A Real Christmas Wreath

If you are lucky enough to find a live Christmas tree stand that will give you the cuttings then great, if not you will have to rely on yourself. You can use a cutting from any Pine tree, Evergreen tree, or Other bushy branches, that you have in your yard, or can clip locally. Be sure to ask the neighbours before you prune their trees. Once you have the branches, use a wire coat hanger to shape a holiday wreath. You do so by straightening the hanger out and then forming a circle with it.

You will need pliers to close the circle and fasten it. Once your circle is made, cut your branches into equal strips, such as 40 – 8 inch strips, 40 – 6 inch strips, and 40 – 3 inch strips. Using florist tape (found at all craft stores) secure the 8-inch strips to the wreath leaving the branches on the outside of the wreath. Once that is completed securely the 6-inch strips the same way, but with the branches facing inward, and overlapping the 8-inch strips. Finally, you want to hot glue the small 3-inch strips between the 6 and 8-inch strips. The finished result will be a full wreath.

A large red bow will finish this wreath project off unless of course, you want to add some Pine cones or a few other natural touches.

A holiday wreath hanging on your front door is more than just another holiday decoration. A wreath shows warmth, and peace, and welcomes friends old and new into your home. No matter what style of home you live in, a wreath is always an inviting site. There several different styles of Christmas wreaths to choose from, but how do you know when you have just the right one?

Winter Decorating Ideas: Holiday Wreaths
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Final Thoughts

Your Christmas wreath should reflect your personality. You’ll know when you have just the right wreath. When you look at it hanging on your door, it will make you feel welcomed, and fill your heart with Christmas joy. That’s why I believe it to be best to make your own wreath, what better way to welcome your guests, than with a lovely wreath that you poured your heart and soul into? Making your own holiday wreath is really simple. Here are some designs, and ideas to help get you started.

Regardless of what holiday wreath you choose to create, if you really pour your heart into it, it will be beautiful. Besides is it better to look at a store-bought wreath wondering how they can charge so much for something so simple, or to make it yourself for far less, and have a one-of-a-kind wreath that you created?