How to manage clutter in your bedroom

17th July 2023

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Keeping your house clutter-free can feel like an impossible task.

As soon as you’ve cleaned one thing, another mess has taken its place.

Your bedroom should be a top priority when you’re de-cluttering your house. A clear and tidy bedroom will improve the quality of your sleep, and give you somewhere restful to retreat to.

Here’s how you can manage clutter in your bedroom:

Organise your drawers

Split each drawer into sensible, usable compartments. For example, if you have an underwear drawer, split it into two and use half for socks and a half for underpants. Or, split your drawer into seven compartments and plan what you need for each day. This is a great way to check if you have too many items, or not enough to get you through the week.

You can go out and buy drawer organisers, but you really don’t need to. In fact, because guests aren’t opening your bedroom drawers they don’t need to look absolutely perfect. Add compartments using old pieces of cardboard, or recycle plastic tubs from around the house. When more than 90% of plastic waste isn’t recycled, re-purposing old plastic containers can be good for both you and the planet.

Buy an ottoman bed

In modern bedrooms, floor space is at a premium. It can be hard to hide the clutter when you’ve only got the room for your bed!

If you’re struggling to find space to add storage furniture, then consider an ottoman bed. With these, the bed base lifts to reveal hidden under-bed storage. You’ll still be able to access things easily when you need them, unlike with a normal bed when things can be buried for weeks.

You can utilise ottoman bed frames to store towels and extra bedding, but you could hide everything from board games to shoes.

Have a weekly clearout

Over the course of the week, items will start to build up. A letter here, an empty deodorant can there…

These are things that you brought into your bedroom and then forgot to immediately store, or things that belong in your bedroom but now need to go in the bin.

At the end of each week, take 15 minutes to look around the bedroom. Clear any clutter that’s built up that week, so that it won’t get out of hand.
Keeping a good cleaning and tidying routine is important unless you want to spend a whole weekend catching up on a month of neglect.

Use hooks everywhere

Don’t forget to maximise your space by making use of the walls. Hooks on your door can hold things like coats and dressing gowns, whilst hooks added to the inside of your wardrobe door can be good spaces for shoes, ties and bags.

You can even use hooks to hang up bigger storage containers like your laundry basket, hanging fruit bowls (to fill with other items, not fruit in your bedroom) or even a hanging shoe rack.

And never forget to add a mirror, hung up somewhere in your bedroom. Whilst mirrors don’t reduce clutter, they’ll make the room look instantly larger.

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