6 reasons why a gratitude journal can transfer your lifestyle

31st May 2021

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A gratitude journal isn’t something that is completely unheard of these days – it’s something that a lot of people want to make a part of their lives to feel mentally satisfied. Keeping a gratitude journal is now considered one of the most efficient ways to transform your current lifestyle.

Being thankful for everything you have is never a bad idea, but it might seem weird to write those things down in a journal. In reality, regular journaling, in general, is really good for your mental health. In this article, we will talk about reasons how starting a gratitude journal can allow you to make a lifestyle change much easier. 

6 Reasons to start a gratitude journal

You find it easier to become more positive as a person

There’s always so much in our lives that makes us negative and we seem to forget how to focus on the good things around us. Thus it might seem impossible to achieve a positive mindset amidst this constant negativeness. When life is constantly throwing curveballs at you, you might struggle to maintain a positive mindset

Keeping a gratitude journal enables you to take a little bit of time to concentrate on positive things that happened in life recently. When you write down things you are grateful for, you become more confident and believe that you are worthy enough to have good things as well. 

Ultimately, starting a gratitude journal makes it easier to be more positive even in tough situations. 

A gratitude journal enables you to work on your self-esteem

Keeping a gratitude journal also enables you to work on improving your self-esteem if you often find it impossible to stop comparing yourself to others. Having more self confidence is what you need to have a stable mental health in all situations. 

Throughout the day, we hardly ever get time to just sit down on your own and appreciate every good thing you did. Starting a gratitude journal enables you to have that one-on-one talk with yourself and feel proud about everything positive that happened. It’s a boost of confidence that you give to yourself on days when nothing seems to be going well. 

You learn to praise yourself more and eventually learn to have a higher self-esteem that allows you to succeed in life. 

Gratitude journaling helps you to win the daily fight against insomnia

Insomnia is such a normal thing that people experience all around the world these days. While there are always medical ways to treat this issue, keeping a gratitude journal can also help you to fall asleep with a calm mind every night. 

When you spend half an hour or so before bed writing down things in your gratitude journal, you get to experience a positive emotion in your heart. By feeling thankful about something every day, you allow yourself to relax before bed and thus end up getting a good amount of sleep regularly

That enables you to have more energy to work the entire next day without feeling drained or tired. 

Feeling happy becomes easier when you have a grateful heart

People think happiness is overrated but it’s something that each one of us desperately needs to survive. Having reasons to be happy every moment of life is a goal that everyone should have and work towards it whenever possible. 

Starting a gratitude journal enables you to find at least a few good things even when everything is gloomy and negative. Being thankful is one of the best ways to stay happy and find reasons to be happy about. If you struggle with being optimistic, keeping a gratitude journal assists you in seeing everything in a different light and feel enthusiastic about everything. 

Research has proven that people who struggle to find happiness can benefit a lot by keeping a gratitude journal and being regular about writing in it. You also feel happy about having a safe spot to express what you feel without fearing judgement. 

A gratitude journal can also work as the best stress reducer for you

Whatever work you do, stress is inevitable for each one of us for sure. Stress can be the biggest hurdle in your road to developing a lifestyle of your choice. 

Being thankful is a quality that also teaches you to think better about yourself as a person and handle stressful situations. Being less stressed or pressured makes it easier for you to lead a healthier life and achieve everything on time. Starting a gratitude journal enables you to find such things to be grateful about and thus not feel pressured as often as you normally do.

Journaling every day enables you to believe that you are capable of handling the stress and walk out of it like a champion. Thus you learn to lower your stress levels during every life struggle and situation. 

It allows you to concentrate on what really matters to you

Distractions are something you cannot avoid no matter how hard you try to stay focused. Often, we end up focusing on the bad side of a situation rather than the good things you got to experience because of it. 

Instead of doing that, you need to learn to focus on things that truly matter to you and bring you satisfaction and happiness. Keeping a gratitude journal makes it easier for you to remember things that you are grateful to have and you get to focus your attention on those things. You get to train your mind to focus on necessary things and use those to your advantage. 

That way, you don’t get distracted by unnecessary trauma and struggles. You rather learn to accept good parts of things and focus on those while you move towards creating a good life for yourself and your loved ones.


Journaling is a big commitment – it’s something that you need to be sure about and do every day without skipping or being lazy about it. Starting a gratitude journal is also something you need to be regular with to get all the benefits of it. In this article, we have listed down various reasons why starting a gratitude journal can help you transform into any lifestyle of your choice. 

We hope that this helps you to realise the importance of having one and writing things you are grateful about down every once in a while. Use this to understand that having a gratitude journal can be beneficial in more than one way and start thinking about using one for yourself to transform your lifestyle! 

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