Healing the mind with meditation

3rd November 2020

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Here is a meditation exercise that gets rid of negative energy and brings in positive energy to get rid of stress in the body.

With a poor economy, people worry about keeping their jobs, making enough money to pay the rent, and others wonder where they’ll find the money for the kids’ college tuition. So it’s no wonder many people are stressed.

Stress can have many negative effects on the body. For example, stress is one of the leading causes of headaches. In order to help reduce stress, the following is a meditation exercise that will release the negative energy in the body and bring in fresh, positive energy.

meditation exercise

Getting Rid of Negative Energy in the Body

First, find a nice, quiet place to meditate. The area should be free of noise and distractions. Decide whether this meditation will be done sitting on a chair or sitting on the floor. To add comfort, consider using a mat or a cushion. Be mindful that the back must be kept in a straight position.

The first thing to do after closing the eyes is to imagine a long hose attached to the base of the spine. This hose is what will release all of the negative energy in the body. Take this hose and ground it somewhere. Imagine it going into the toilet, into the local dump, or into the sewer. It’s really up to the individual where the hose will be grounded.

Now, envision what colour the negative energy will be. Red, brown, and black are the most common colours that people associate with negative energy. Beginning at the top of the head, start running that negative energy and pushing it out through the hose. Keep running that energy through the neck, down the shoulders, along the arms, all the way through the tips of the fingers.

Keep observing the colour of the energy and how it is being pushed out of the body while it is being run down the chest and back and through the stomach. Envision the tips of the toes and start pushing the negative energy up through the calves and thighs of the legs and finally through the hips as the rest of the energy is released through the hose. Finally, remove the hose from the body.

meditation exercise

Bringing Positive Energy into the Body through a Meditation exercise

Now that all of the negative energy is gone, it’s time to bring in positive energy. Choose a colour that represents positive energy. The most common colours for this are yellow, gold, and white. Imagine an opening at the top of the head and begin welcoming this fresh, positive energy into the body.

Let the energy run down through the neck, shoulders, and arms, all the way to the tips of the fingers. Continue to allow the energy to fill the chest, the back, and the stomach. See the energy run down the hips, the thighs, and the leg calves as the positive energy works its way all the way down to the tips of the toes.

Keep running this energy until the body feels refreshed and anew. Consider also envisioning a bright, healing light surrounding the entire outside of the body. Before ending his meditation, take a few minutes to enjoy the calm, peaceful feeling that has now come over the body.

This is a simple meditation exercise that doesn’t take long to do and can be very beneficial to do at least once a week, if not every day, to help relieve the everyday stresses in life.

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