5 ways to boost your workout motivation

21st January 2021

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Today here, we will discuss 5 ways that will help you boost your workout motivation.

Setting workout as a priority and making it an everyday routine gets difficult for most of us. Even when we know the benefits and positive impact of workouts on our physical and mental health, we still set ourselves back due to a lack of motivation. Also, even paid workouts don’t infuse enough motivation to get us into clubs, sports, or the gym.

When you are struggling with workout motivation, you are not alone. The truth is that not everybody in the world gets out of their daily routine and energetically jumps into workout sessions. It takes one or the other kind of motivation for each of us that keeps us going into our fitness journey. People start fitness programs but leave them half-a-way because they either get bored or do not see the result they expect to come miraculously in the starting days. 

How to boost your workout motivation

5 ways to boost your workout motivation

Set short term goals

Never get too ambitious at the start of your fitness journey as no fitness and health plan in the world can give you miraculous results in a short span. Hence make short term goals, set realistic approaches that you can follow for the next 20 to 30 days, and then work on it.

Start with Less

As said above, do not try to go overboard at the start of your journey. If you want to begin working out today, do not straight enrol for a gym plan. Here start with a simple walk – 20 minutes a day and 4 to 5 days a week. Increase the span with 45 minutes walk to 5 km, and you will find yourself following a routine without even feeling like pressure around.

Bring changes in your workout routine every 2-3 months 

When we rigorously follow a workout routine for months and years, our body adapts it and refuses to show you a sign of changes after a specific time. And when you stop seeing any more changes in your physical fitness, you start losing motivation. Hence, it is essential to change your workout plans every 2 to 3 months to give your body new challenges and find fun & motivation.

Include fun and sports activities in your workout routine

A workout is not only walking, running, or hitting the gym every day of the week. One can also include physical activities that they enjoy doing in their workout routine. If running or going to the gym is not your tea, consider trying your hand on your favourite outdoor sports, indulging in community Yoga, or getting into aerobics classes.

Join a group

Some people find a different level of energy when they work out in groups with their friends, colleagues, or even strangers. Getting into a group also helps you during your least motivated days and inspires you to stick to the routine.

The above ways might sound very simple at the start, but when you lovingly follow them for a few days, you will surely find changes in yourself. Starting with the simpler makes you stick to a workout routine, and when that routine starts showing you even small results, you get another source of motivation from it.

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