mental habits that are wearing you down

4 Mental habits that will wear you down

28th May 2021

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You self-doubt your potential? Your only focus is on pleasing others? Seeking their approvals and confirmations? If yes, then it is your mental habits that are tearing you down without even letting you know.  

Your mind is the most significant source of your happiness and sorrow. It is all there in your mind that controls your well-being and affects everything that comes and goes to you. Many times when you desperately want to fulfil any dream, some of your thoughts or say mental habits drag you back.

Before such mental habits of yours destroy your dream and happiness, you should come out of them on time. If you are willing to face such negative mental patterns, this article will help you find and fight with them before showing a negative outcome:

Keeping others always a step higher than yourself

Many times, in life, we set a very high standard for certain people they might not fit into. To set them there at a high point, we often lower ourselves and demolish our worth. By doing this, we, by our own hands, reduce our self-worth in our and the other person’s eye.

We are living this life foremost for ourselves and thus should always focus first on our peace and well-being than jumping into someone else.

Assuming that things can never get better

Hopelessness is destruction when kept for long. Everyone has their fair share of lows and highs but the ones who act and believe that nothing can get better for them lose even those battles which they could have topped.

4 mental habits that will wear you down

Always seeking for others approval

At certain stages in life, approvals from an audience matter a lot. It is also essential as we live in a society surrounded by people all over. However, when you start taking this approval game for every step and thing in your life here, your attempt can backfire you at times.

Approvals are necessary for business deals or things that are happening to the effect of society. However, things that are your own and personal don’t require permissions from everyone around. It is vital to keep your focus on doing the best and learning that you cannot control everyone’s opinion and approval around you.  

ALL-OR-NONE outlook

The ALL-OR-NONE state of thought may look very sporty at a glance but is highly destructive once you face it. This outlook takes your life more to a negative perspective making the NONE appear big than it is. Here when you find it difficult getting the “ALL,” you somewhere start getting into a lousy state or company, and it sets your life more too bad than too good.

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