Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Staircase

20th November 2020

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There are many ways to decorate your house for Christmas, and one area you might want to decorate is your staircase. There are many ways to do this, from bright and inexpensive ways to more pricey elegant options. The following are some Christmas decorating ideas for a staircase.

Five decorating ideas for a staircase to use this Christmas

Christmas decorating ideas for a staircase

Use a garland

One easy thing that you can do is wrap a garland around the railing of the staircase. This is easy, relatively inexpensive and can be very pretty. You could also put various things on the garland in order to decorate it, which can give it very different looks depending on what you get. Some items include red silk flowers and different ornaments. Some garland comes with things already on them for convenience.

Use ornaments

One fun idea would be to use the same ornaments that are on your tree on your staircase. These can be very pretty. You can buy ornaments or you can make your own Christmas ornaments. Many can probably be hung on the staircase railing.

Have the children make crafts

One fun and inexpensive idea that works if you have children is to decorate the stairway with different crafts. They can use paper and whatever materials they want, including crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, crystals and more to decorate different items. There are many things that they can make. For instance, they can decorate little paper Christmas trees, wreaths, candy canes, reindeer or anything else. You can attach them with something like a pipe cleaner, string or ribbons. One fun idea would be for them to make a scene of Santa flying up the stairs with his reindeer. Of course, Rudolph would be upfront.

Christmas lights

There is nothing to say that Christmas lights must be used outside and cannot be used inside. This can make a very nice decoration and you will have your choice of the different types. They have colourful ones, ones that look like icicles hanging down, twinkling ones and many more different types.

Create a winter wonderland with chiffon or cotton

If you want your house to look like a winter wonderland then you can use chiffon to drape up and down your staircase railing. You can out ornaments that look like icicles. You can also use cotton to make it look like snow. This can be very pretty.

Decorating a staircase can be fun and very attractive. Look to the above ideas when creating your decorations. You can use one of the ideas or combine them together (i.e. use both chiffon and white Christmas lights).

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