Eye-Catching Exterior Design Tips For Your Home

3rd April 2018

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When designing a home, many people focus on the interior. This is fine, but remember, first impressions are everything! From your neighbours to potential home buyers, you should make the outside of your home stand out, catching the eye of all who come into contact with it. Of course, your sense of pride will also be elevated when you can enjoy the hard work you have put into making the outside of your home the best it possibly can be.

Here are some tips for your exterior design…

  1. Focus on the entrance

There are loads of ways you can beautify the entrance to your home. A fresh lick of paint on your door is a start, as well as some added colour to the frames surrounding it. You can also add a rug, enhance the lighting, put up a few wall plants, and contrast the door’s colour with some added decoration. Experiment until you find something you like, adding a sense of feng-shui to your home before you step foot inside it.

  1. Mix up your materials

When designing a home, the right contrast is everything. While mixing materials could be tantamount to disaster (you don’t want to create an eyesore), there are still ways to improve the aesthetics by going for something to create the style you are looking for. If you’re looking for something modern, consider aluminium doors and windows, with metal roofing. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more traditional, a mix of charred wood and tumbled stone may suit the aesthetic.

  1. Furnish your garden

Not only does this make practical sense – you need somewhere to sit – but it can also form a centrepiece for your garden. From wooden benches to attractive birdhouses, purchase something online or consider our upcycling ideas to cut down on your costs. You can even go for a particular theme, from a wildlife garden to a fantasy setting, with the outdoor furnishings you choose.

  1. Plant seasonal flowers

Nothing says colour than some well-placed seasonal flowers, so it’s time to get your gardening gloves on. Rather than go for a traditional design (flowers planted around the border), you could mix things up a little with some of these creative garden designs we found online. Of course, if you don’t have the green fingers to match your ideas, you could also hire a landscape gardener to make a better job of it. Still, flowers complement any garden, so you are unlikely to make too much of a mess outside, provided you take advice from your local garden centre.

  1. Light things up

When the sun sets, your home exterior will get less attention from any onlookers. Unless, of course, you add a few well-placed light fixtures to shed light on your home. When choosing your lights, try and mimic your home’s style for greater effect. Traditional-looking homes can be complemented by wooden lanterns, Victorian lamp posts, and doorway chandeliers. For the modern touch, LED lighting comes in a variety of shapes and forms, and silver and copper lanterns look fantastic on any wall. Whatever you choose, add colour too, and really make your home shine.


It will take time to get your home exterior looking just the way you want it, but for your sake, and for that of any passerby, your efforts will be worth it. By following our tips, you will really make your home stand out.

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