Styling A Modern Living Room With A Console Table

1st February 2021

The half-moon console table typically sits off to the side in many homeowners’ living rooms, entries, dining rooms, corridors and more. In fact, because console tables take up so little space, you will even find them in bedrooms, oversized bathrooms, and home offices. You get the idea.

Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Staircase

20th November 2020

There are many ways to decorate your house for Christmas, and one area you might want to decorate is your staircase. There are many ways to do this, from bright and inexpensive ways to more pricey elegant options. The following are some Christmas decorating ideas for a staircase.

How to set up a family command centre

25th May 2020

Life is always easier when you are organised. We all know it but we seldom put it into practice. This is because it seems like it is hard to get organised and stay that way. When you make a family command centre, it is much easier to get organised and stay organised.

Why Place in Print makes the perfect gift

11th November 2019

If you have started your Christmas shopping, you might be looking at your list wondering what you are going to buy for that person who has everything or for someone who doesn’t like “things”. If that is the case, I have just the thing you are looking for. You have to check out these pieces of artwork either related to the place they live, the country or just a special print of the UK map.

How to organise your hall cupboard

23rd April 2019

Organising the hall cupboard does not have to be a nightmare, just take it one step at a time. Once you have it cleaned and organized, make sure you let everyone know so they can find their stuff as well as put it back when they are finished with it.

A Buying Guide To Christmas Wreaths

27th November 2018

Christmas wreaths are one of the most decorative pieces in most homes, beside the Christmas tree of course. When you decide that you want a Christmas wreath for your home there are just a few ways to help you choose.

10 Examples of Stylish Balustrades

24th November 2017

our staircase balustrades don’t have to be a purely functional item in your home. They’re great at adding to the stylish aesthetic and design scheme of any home, for both the interior and the exterior. There are so many interesting and innovative balustrade designs to choose from these days. Whether you’re looking for something a little more contemporary and modern, or a little more quirky and unusual, you’ll be able to find a design that suits your decor scheme.