Ideas to style your dining table

11 Ideas to style your dining table

10th October 2022

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Your dining room is one of those locations that many of us would like to use more. A space in your home to enjoy family meals, as well as celebrate those special occasions and entertain friends and family. However, you may find that you like the idea of styling your dining table. Whether that is for a special occasion or just as an everyday display. So what can you do? I wanted to share with you some of the ideas to style your dining table that you could use all year round. 

Ideas to style your dining table

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One of the first things you can try when it comes to styling your dining table is to use the seasons as inspiration. The seasons can help you with many things to style your dining table. Colours such as yellows and pinks for spring and summer, and autumn could see oranges and browns. Winter may inspire you to dress your dining table with silvers and whites, or something that would match your Christmas theme. You could use flowers, different plates, cutlery, and candles to create a seasonal tablescape. 

A colour scheme 

If you don’t want to keep changing things, then choosing a colour scheme to decorate your dining table could be a good option. You could keep it simple and match with your dining room decor or a different colour entirely. You can use flowers, foliage, and different plates and cutlery to bring the vision to life. 


When it comes to your dining table, you can create an authentic design with the use of textures. Hessian, foliage, twigs and leaves, and even other materials like cotton for a table cloth. Texture can bring your tablescape to life and can be your main focus of inspiration or work to help you transform your dining room style with different themes. 


To enhance your dining table and bring it to life, you can add a centrepiece to it. This is a quick and simple way to transform your dining area without having too many things laid out at once. You could look at a centrepiece of candles or even fresh flowers that you replace every week. A simple vase with flowers is still ultra-effective. If you don’t want to have to replace them you can invest in some great artificial centrepieces now. 

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Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers will always be a great feature to style your dining table. You can add a simple vase or look to add a full tablescape of fresh flowers. Flowers can be seasonal which will help you embrace other themes for your dining room. Just be mindful that you need to think about changing fresh flowers weekly, so it can be quite a commitment. 

Use a light fitting as a feature 

You don’t even need anything on your table to style it up and make a difference, a light fitting, strategically placed and balanced low between the ceiling and your table can do all of the hard work for you. It could be that a feature light fitting that sits just above your table will be a feature and also provide amazing light for when you do entertain. Metallics and bold light fittings are a huge trend for 2022, so it could be the time to invest and try something different. An electrician can help you get the right height and do any rewiring that might be necessary. 

The rule of three

When clustering different things together on your dining table, the rule of three will always work well. This means that you need to think about putting things together in three such as candles, vases, and even tablescape accessories that you might like to display. If you can’t stick with three then always try and put things together in an odd number. It really balances things out visually. 

Tableware and cutlery 

When you are styling your dining table, some people like to have it set as if it was ready to entertain. It is a fabulous way to display and showcase your crockery and cutlery. You can add the plates and bowls, add the different sets of cutlery and even have some glassware on there. You might not use these particular sets of tableware and cutlery, so you could invest in some pretty pieces that are just for display. Many people have plates they use seasonally or for special occasions, so why not show them off?

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Focus on a theme 

Like with most things, having a theme can help you decorate and the same can be said for styling your dining table. A theme could be a colour, a season, but more specifically you could do Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, and even St Patrick’s day. The more specific you are the better. It might mean that you are styling up your dining table every few weeks, but it can keep things fresh and interesting in the dining room. 


Another simple way to style your dining table is to consider using trays. Trays can be square, rectangle, and circular. You could also look at plain, metallic, or even mirrored trays. Adding these to the centre of your table and then adding a few accessories to them can be a great way to style your dining table. Remember to stick with the rule of three or odd numbers when clustering things together on your trays. One tray or three would work well on your dining table, depending on how big it is. 

Keep it casual

Finally, many people assume that their tablescapes need to be formal when in actual fact, a casual approach can be just as effective. You don’t need a tablecloth or table runner, you could just stick with placemats and a few added accessories in the middle. This is a great way to keep the dining table looking stylish but also enables you to use it more often. This will work well with a few of the options shared previously. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas to help you style your dining table. 

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