3 Must-See Places in Halkidiki

31st May 2022

It is Halkidiki, with its long stretches of beautiful coastline, unique archaeological sites, world-renowned Christian monuments and natural wonders and man-made masterpieces that have helped shape the identity of the region and what make it a perfect destination to explore via a bike tour such as those provided by E-Bike Halkidiki.

How to keep your car safe

9th May 2022

Most of us couldn’t do without our cars – whether to get us to work and back, to do the school run or to have the freedom to take off for the weekend. But even though we rely so much on our vehicles, we often neglect to do some very basic things to keep our cars secure. Here are some tips to keep your car safe.

4 Tips for Travelling to Mykonos

29th April 2022

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands. Why? The Cycladic beauty, as it is part of an island complex called Cyclades, and the legendary parties that don’t stop have turned it into one of the most popular summer destinations.

4 Interesting Facts about the United Kingdom

24th February 2022

The United Kingdom has always been a powerful nation that has influenced the world as we know it today. Although everyone knows where it is on the map and its capital, London, is one of the most popular metropolises in the whole world, most people do not have basic historical, political or common knowledge about this significant and influential group of countries in the northern part of Europe.