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What Are The Costs Of Driving Abroad?

27th May 2022

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When it comes to getting around in a foreign country, there are many cases where it can be convenient to have your own car. Having your own car may even save you money compared to relying on public transport or taxis. That said, there are still many costs to consider when driving abroad. Below is a breakdown of some of the expenses to consider when driving in another country.

Expenses to consider when driving abroad

Expenses to consider when driving abroad - green vehicle on concrete road
Green vehicle on concrete road

Car hire

You may be able to take your own car when travelling to some nearby countries. However, when it comes to visiting countries further afield, you’ll likely need to hire a car. Many companies like Burswood Car Rentals allow you to get a quote online. Car hire fees are likely to vary depending on the type of vehicle you hire. You can also expect to pay a lot if you’re hiring a car for a long period (in some cases where you may be planning to drive in another country for several months, it may actually be cheaper to buy an old used car). 


If you’re taking your own car, it’s possible that your current insurance may cover you to drive abroad for a certain length of time (usually a maximum of 30 consecutive days). However, not all insurance schemes will cover you to drive abroad, so it’s worth checking your policy before you set off. When hiring a car abroad, you’ll likely need to take out separate insurance for that car. Most car hire centres will allow you to take out third-party insurance through them.

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Black wing mirror on a car


Different countries have different forms of road tax. Many countries charge tolls on certain roads – in some cases, it’s possible to reduce toll costs by avoiding routes with toll roads (although this typically involves avoiding the fastest routes). Other countries do not have toll roads and instead require you to pay for a vignette when driving in their country. You can pay for these online. Be wary that some cities around the world like London, Stockholm and Singapore also have added congestion charges that you have to pay online. 


You’ll need to budget for fuel when driving abroad. Fuel varies in cost depending on where you go in the world – petrol costs five times the amount per litre in Hong Kong than it does in Colombia. It’s worth using apps (such as the ones listed at We Buy Any Car) to help you find the cheapest local fuel prices. This is especially useful if you’re going on a long road trip in which you’ll likely need to stop for fuel frequently. 


In some locations around the world, you may end up paying a lot for parking. Cities tend to be the worst for parking fees, while in rural areas you can usually find many places to park for free. If you’re planning to stay in a hotel, you may want to check what the parking fees are before you book. Some hotels have free parking for guests, while others can charge a lot of money per night.