Three reasons the Greek islands are a favourite holiday destination

6th September 2022

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The Greek Islands are a perennial favourite for holidaymakers world-over. The combination of picture-perfect landscapes, gorgeous beaches and delicious food has made the archipelago a bucket-list destination for many. Greece is also home to some world-class architecture and art, and has intriguing myths and legends associated with it, so it also attracts those looking for a more cultured trip. Combine these factors with year-round good weather, and it’s no wonder that it graces the list of best places to visit year after year.

If this hasn’t already convinced you, we look at three reasons you have to visit Greece – you’re sure to be dreaming of the islands after this.

Live out a movie fantasy

Location is key to the success of any movie. Since the 1950s, the sunny weather, azure seas and romantic ancient ruins of the Greek Islands have attracted many filmmakers. Today, filming in these gorgeous islands has become easier thanks to the Greek Film Commission speeding up the issuance of licences, so they remain a popular choice.

As a result, you’re sure to have seen a film set in the Greek Islands. So, whether you want to live out a Mamma Mia fantasy, or want to explore the striking rock formations that serve as the backdrop for Justice League, the islands can help your imagination run wild.

Island hopping

Island hopping couldn’t be easier in Greece, considering ferry time between the islands is only a few hours. This can make the archipelago the perfect destination for those planning a longer trip, who want to be able to see a few different destinations without the hassle of getting on a plane.

For example, If you start in Crete and want a day trip, the travel cost from Heraklion to Santorini only takes around 3 hours (quicker routes are available for a higher cost). You can expect to travel in clean, organised and spacious boats, and can even take your car if you’ve decided to hire one for your holiday.

Diverse in every way

If you have a tendency to get bored of the same thing on holiday, the Greek Islands will appeal to you with their wide variety of attractions, from breathtaking beaches to ancient wonders.

For party lovers, Mykonos is the party capital offering some of the world’s best music festivals. In comparison, if you crave some tranquillity, visit Paros, where you can enjoy a slower pace, sipping coffee as you watch people play backgammon.

Whichever island you choose, make sure you refuel by sampling all the delicious delicacies Greek cuisine has to offer. You can finish off your meal with a refreshing glass of Greek wine, a cool beer or even a traditional spirit like ouzo.

As you can see, there are many reasons to make Greece your favourite holiday destination. Unique culture, diverse islands, and delicious foods make it a worthwhile escape – and it’s reasonably priced, meaning you can get more experience out of your budget.