The Value Of Disconnecting As You Travel

The Value Of Disconnecting As You Travel

25th July 2022

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What’s the value of disconnecting as we travel, and what benefits may it bring?
In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more.

There are all sorts of reasons you may wish to travel from one place to another. Often, we do so because we wish to connect. This means connecting to the people and cultures around us, to go and attend events, to make use of the sun, and more. Sure, some people consider a vacation to be the same thing as a ‘getaway,’ but what could be more connective and present than heading out into the world and exploring it with all of its creative possibilities?

It can be, however, that from time to time we wish to travel and truly disconnect from the world around us because of that. There’s no shame in this, in fact, it can be quite a healthy approach to take. With politics, social media, and the constant rotation of news headlines constantly trying to sour our mood, it’s true to say that heading away from this and finding a more even headscape in beautiful surroundings is akin to thorough self-care.

How to disconnect when as you travel

The Value Of Disconnecting As You Travel

Keep A Simple Phone

It’s good to disconnect from the wild world of social media and the 24/7 news cycle. Don’t worry, the world will keep running and the online discourse will be just fine until you decide to return to it, assuming you actually do want to return. A nice simple phone without social media capabilities can be a good way to keep up with your friends, relatives and travel companions, while also preventing a loss of value of it’s stolen or forgotten. You can keep a more professional camera with you for your candid vacation spots if necessary. Sometimes, a simple phone is all you need.

Try A Full Resort

It can be nice to opt for a resort, perhaps a luxury resort, where you can enjoy a little slice of paradise, one totally curated and made fully natural instead of artificial. With the best Hamilton Island Accommodation, you’ll see just how possible this is, and why it’s utterly comforting to the spirit. With gorgeous surroundings, amazing entertainment and beautiful cuisine, you won’t have to worry about anything outside of that zone.

Consider Solo Travel

For some, solo travel can see nerve-wracking, but once you get over your first initial set of worries by jumping into it, planning your routes, letting trusted friends and relatives know where you are and booking safe accommodations, you’ll see it’s not necessarily less inspiring than traveling with friends. In fact, solo travel can be utterly freeing, and help you take last minute deals that you may not have considered something to follow in a group. Solo travel can truly help you grow in travel confidence, while also allowing you to utterly disconnect from others outside of safety communication, even if only for 24 hours.

With this advice, you’re certain to appreciate the value of disconnecting as you travel, in the wisest possible sense.