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  • Eye-Catching Exterior Design Tips For Your Home

    When designing a home, many people focus on the interior. This is fine, but remember, first impressions are everything! From your neighbours to potential home buyers, you should make the outside of your home stand out, catching the eye of all who come into contact with it. Of course, your sense of pride will also be elevated when you can enjoy the hard work you have put into making the outside of your home the best it possibly can be.

    Interiors, Outdoors
    / 3rd April 2018
  • 4 Important Tips for First Time Property Sellers

    If you are first time property sellers, the whole ordeal of the property transaction can be daunting indeed. Plenty of first time home sellers come across pitfalls that they wish they had known beforehand to make the transaction easier and better. Selling a residential property can get complicated, with the uncertainty of the length of time before you lock down a deal with a buyer and the price offers you receive, things can get tricky.

    / 7th February 2018
  • Real Estate – Past, Present and Future

    The real estate market, like any other industry, goes through periods of boom and decline.

    The history of real estate, and how it will change in the next 10 years.

    Real estate prices had been rising slowly during the nineties. They began to rapidly rise from 2000 to 2007 until the financial crash of 2008 when the worldwide real estate markets collapsed in a global meltdown.

    / 7th February 2018
  • Financial Shocks From Your Home: How To Prepare

    For the vast majority of people, our home will be the biggest purchase we ever make. It’s impossible not to know that life as a homeowner can be costly in terms of the mortgage, taxes, and electricity and heating bills you will have to finance– but these factors are just the tip of the financial iceberg.

    Even with the best will in the world and a strict adherence to home maintenance, there are certain problems that your home can experience that will deliver an almighty financial shock to you. These areas deserve a little more attention when you’re assessing your maintenance needs, and you need to have a financial plan for what happens if they experience a problem.

    / 1st February 2018
  • Making the Most of the Sydney Real Estate Market

    Sydney is an expensive real estate market. Whether you are contemplating to buy a property, want to sell one or looking for an apartment for rent, you will need to look into various factors and will need a better strategy to seal the deal. Here, we will discuss several things to help you in dealing with the city’s highly-demanded real estate market.

    / 30th January 2018
  • 4 Household maintenance issues first time buyers should look out for

    Experienced home buyers know what warning signs to look for when shopping for a home since they’ve dealt with shifting foundations, flooded basements, and insect infestations. First-time buyers, though, lack this experience. Here are four household maintenance issues first time buyers should look out for.

    / 26th January 2018