Common Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes To Avoid

Common Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes To Avoid

9th March 2022

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People remodel their bathrooms for various reasons. For starters, your bathroom is an important area that homebuyers consider. That said, your home’s value will increase with a new bathroom. Moreover, it can promote sustainability and efficiency while promoting safety. Statistics reveal bathrooms were among the top 30 areas UK homeowners wanted to renovate in 2021. Despite the benefits of bathroom remodelling, certain mistakes can be costly, including the following. 

bathroom renovations mistakes to avoid

Common Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes To Avoid

Impractical water drainage

Your bathroom drainage is important, as it helps you dispose of bathwater. Therefore, impractical water drainage can be a huge problem. You risk gathering stagnant water when your drainage is not properly placed. This water can help harmful organisms to breed, causing illnesses for you and your family. Moreover, your bathroom can develop an unpleasant odour due to the dirt in the water. This problem occurs when the water drainage hole doesn’t align with the plumbing drain on your bathroom floor. That said, it’s essential to get it right to avoid these problems. Although it’s best to work with professionals, you can leverage these tips if you choose to DIY

Poor ventilation 

It’s important to prioritise ventilation for your bathroom. This room can accumulate moisture and trigger mould and mildew growth without proper ventilation. Mould produces irritants, allergens and toxic substances that can trigger reactions like runny nose, sneezing, skin rash and red eyes. Moreover, it can trigger attacks in people with asthma attacks. Likewise, mould and mildew can cause wood rot, bad odour, chipped paint, peeling wallpaper, etc. 

When renovating your bathroom, ensure that you install your window on the outside if possible. This lets in natural light while promoting good ventilation. You can also leverage a skylight if you can’t place the windows on the outside. Various bathroom ventilation systems are available to keep your bathroom airy, so feel free to choose the most suitable one. 

Using unsustainable materials 

Indeed, certain materials look aesthetically pleasing, prompting you to include them in your bathroom renovation. However, going for beauty instead of function can be a costly mistake. Seeing that the bathroom is the dampest area in your home, it makes sense to invest in durable materials that are hygienic and easier to maintain. For example, using marbles in your bathroom when you don’t have time for regular maintenance can cause them to stain and lose their appeal. Likewise, wood flooring can easily damage due to wetness, while stone or porcelain floors can cause slips and falls due to their slick nature. Using wallpapers for your bathrooms may not be the best option if you’re thinking of sustainability. 

You can invest in linoleum, rubber or slip-resistant tile flooring to prevent accidents. You can also choose from various bathroom panel ideas to project your style with sustainability and durability in mind. When choosing your countertops, it’s best to embrace glass, quartz, stone or laminate surfaces as they are water-resistant and can endure wear and tear. By all means, avoid tile countertops as they get dirty and stained quickly. Consequently, avoid copper options if you don’t have the maintenance time required.