Give your home a makeover without breaking the bank

Give your home a makeover without breaking the bank

22nd February 2022

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Styling your home and decorating can be an expensive task. Especially if you want to take on the challenge and give your home a makeover all at once. But the likelihood is that when you move into a new home, you just want to put your stamp on the place. That is understandable.

How do you give your home a makeover without going overboard and spending too much money? It’s simple; you make small changes that have a big impact. So I thought I would share with you exactly how you can makeover your home, without breaking the bank.

How to Give home a makeover your home

Give your home a makeover without breaking the bank

Lighting is everything

The lighting in your home can make a big difference to how each room appears to the naked eye. If you are blessed with a home that gets a lot of natural light, then utilise it as much as you can. Open the blinds and let the light in, and watch each room be transformed. If you don’t have that luxury in your home, then try and recreate the feeling of light as best you can. Find a store online that has a great selection of ceiling lights and other options that could help lighten up your home.

Just adding light can highlight different features in a room that you may not have noticed before. Perhaps a wall colour may become more extravagant, or an exposed wall is showcasing more detail. Lighting can make a big difference without costing that much.

Think about adding colour in subtle ways

If you don’t have the time or the funds to go around decorating each room with paint colours then why not consider adding colour in a more subtle way. This can easily be done through your choice of soft furnishing, cushions, and accessories. You may want to add a different colour theme to different rooms. Picking out a few key pieces can make a room look newly decorated, without the need for getting the paintbrushes out.

Styling is just as good as decorating

Decorating a whole home is an ideal scenario. But many of us are not blessed with the time or money to do it. So styling up a home is a different route to go down. It’s about strategically placing certain things to identify a colour scheme or a theme. It’s about adding a few different touches here and there to give the impression of change. If you want more tips on styling your home, then has some great examples.

Give your home a makeover without breaking the bank

A tidy space can make a huge difference

Sometimes it can be as simple as decluttering a room for it to look like it has a new lease of life. Clutter can make a home feel messy and unloved, without that being your intention. So try and take some advice from people like Marie Kondo and try a decluttering challenge. It could transform your whole living space.

Feature walls could be the way forward

Finally, consider adding a feature wall to a room. This could be one painted wall in a choice of colour. Or adding photographs and creating a photo montage. It could be a great design feature and save you money on decorating a whole room.

I hope this has inspired you to change a few things in your home.