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  • Design ideas to turn your small bedroom into a dreamy retreat

    Sometimes bedrooms can be the often forgotten rooms in your home simply because no one else sees it. Regardless of that simple fact, the bedroom is one room that should put into great consideration when it comes to decorating.  After all, it is the place where you get to rest and recharge. However small the bedroom might be, make the most of it with stylish, inventive decorating and design ideas to turn your small bedroom into a dreamy retreat.

    / 16th August 2018
  • Keep the kids entertained this summer with Dremel’s guide to creating wooden animals

    The summer holidays are upon us with many parents looking for ways to keep the children entertained. To help, Dremel has lots of craft ideas and has created a handy step-by-step guide so you can create your very own wooden animals, providing children with an exciting new toy to enjoy. You could even let the kids customise and personalise the wooden toys afterwards as an extra summer activity.

    Interiors, Lifestyle
    / 27th July 2018
  • 10 ways to decorate a studio apartment

    When it comes to decorating a studio apartment it requires a lot of thought, but what matters is giving every little space its own function. Studio décor involves putting a bedroom, kitchenette, and a living into one small space. Small spaces can be made to look bigger if you know the trick of utilising multipurpose furniture.

    / 7th May 2018
  • 7 Home Maintenance Tips For A Better Home

    Home is a place which is a basic necessity of life where you can cut off from everyone and still feel comfortable. Buying or building is not easy and even worse is the fact that you would get frustrated if your home is not maintained properly. Just like yourself, your home also needs care and maintenance for a good health.

    / 16th April 2018
  • Eye-Catching Exterior Design Tips For Your Home

    When designing a home, many people focus on the interior. This is fine, but remember, first impressions are everything! From your neighbours to potential home buyers, you should make the outside of your home stand out, catching the eye of all who come into contact with it. Of course, your sense of pride will also be elevated when you can enjoy the hard work you have put into making the outside of your home the best it possibly can be.

    Interiors, Outdoors
    / 3rd April 2018
  • 4 Important Tips for First Time Property Sellers

    If you are first time property sellers, the whole ordeal of the property transaction can be daunting indeed. Plenty of first time home sellers come across pitfalls that they wish they had known beforehand to make the transaction easier and better. Selling a residential property can get complicated, with the uncertainty of the length of time before you lock down a deal with a buyer and the price offers you receive, things can get tricky.

    / 7th February 2018