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3 Reasons Why Your Home is Too Hot In Summer

1st July 2022

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Why are most UK homes so hot during the summer? According to statistics, over 4.6 million homes endure uncomfortably high temperatures at this time of year. The Daily Mail attributes it to the structure and building type of UK homes. According to the report, they are built with heavy insulation to retain heat during the cold months. However, several households experience warmer than normal temperatures when it’s summer. If you experience this, below are some other reasons why. 

3 Reasons Why Your Home is Too Hot In Summer

Poor attic or loft insulation

During the summer, your roof becomes the first line of defence against the sun. Ideally, excellent insulation would act promptly by expelling the high temperatures on the roof. However, when the heat is absorbed, it flows into the attic and stays there. Subsequently, the rooms below the attic or loft absorb the heat, which explains the discomfort. Naturally, heat pushes down from the ceiling through the loft and the spaces directly below them since it has nowhere else to go.

This prevents your home from cooling down even at night. According to experts, the solution to this is proper loft insulation. The material will absorb the heat and prevent it from escaping to the floors below. If you don’t resolve the problem from the source, you risk increasing your air conditioner usage throughout the summer. Certainly, that will reflect in your monthly utility bills.

Non-existent or poor home shading options

Popular examples of shading options for UK homes include external blinds, awnings, trellises, and eaves. Some households may also rely on trees around the house to absorb the summer heat and block the sun. Whatever home shading option you go with, the most important thing is for it to help cool down the house during the summer months. If you don’t have any of these, it could largely be responsible for the heat in your home you have to endure.

Apart from the discomfort you feel, your house may also be at an increased risk of damage. Did you know sun damage causes 40% of your fading interior walls? According to, the effect happens gradually over a long period. If you want to see whether the sun is fading your interior walls, experts say to apply a fresh coat of paint beside the old colour. The sharp difference in hues is proof of the subtle damage from heat.

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Heat rising from below

If your house is built on stilts, the summer months may not be too friendly to your flooring. Hot air usually collects under the floor because stilt houses are built off the ground. Due to the availability of space underneath the building, heat rises from below and permeates the floors. More importantly, a constantly warm or hot wood flooring in summer may indicate an insulation problem there. Without adequate polyester insulation, you may have to contend with uncomfortably hot floors throughout the summer.

It is worth noting that your air conditioning system will be burdened when the home is too hot. Therefore, it helps to pay attention to these heat blocking measures during the summer.