A Few Favourite Things – Living Life Our Way

6th October 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Katie from Living Life Our Way showcasing her favourite things.  Pop over to her Instagram feed for some wonderful nature-inspired photos.

A Few Favourite Things – Living Life Our Way

I’m Katie, a 30 something mum of one home educated daughter, plus several furbabies too. I love being outdoors in nature, and this gives me the opportunity to develop my photography hobby as well. I also enjoy going to gigs. Aside from writing over at my blog, Living Life Our Way, I also have my own range of sustainable clothing too.

A Few Favourite Things - Living Life Our Way

Favourite room in your home

My favourite room is the living room. I love chilling out on the sofa in front of the TV. It is by far the cosiest and most relaxing room in the house (other than my warm snuggly bed of course!)

Favourite trend

We are in a rental so the decor is quite neutral. Personally, I love the modern look – it just feels clean and simple.

Favourite thing you own

Hmmm… I don’t own much, to be honest, I am quite minimalistic. My favourite item is probably a cuddly toy that my little girl made me of herself, as a present for Mothers Day. It is so cute!

Favourite colour

I don’t have a favourite colour really. I quite like blue. My daughter really loved everything to be blue for a while, so it reminds me of her. And also water, which I find relaxing. Our sofa is blue, maybe that is why I love the living room so much!

Favourite season

I love all the seasons for different reasons. They all hold their own beauty and I like to embrace each one as it comes around.

A Few Favourite Things - Living Life Our Way

Favourite about where you live

I grew up here; many friends and family are still local. It is close to a whole range of things so I feel we get a bit of everything!

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