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2nd June 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Hayley from Devon Mama showcasing her favourite things.  Be sure to follow her via the social media links at the bottom of the post for more updates from her and her family.

A Few Favourite Things – Devon Mama

I’m Hayley; a 30-year-old new mama living in Devon with my son, husband and the World’s bounciest dog. I set up Devon Mama when I was pregnant in 2016 as a way to fill my maternity leave (oh how naive I was!) and to keep track of our lives as new parents. I can normally be found walking the dog, Googling things or watching trashy American TV, throw in a house with ‘a lot of potential’ and my return to work as Marketing Director earlier this year and life is pretty hectic!

A Few Favourite Things - Devon Mama

Favourite room in your home

My favourite room is very dependent on the mood I’m in. Our house needs a lot of work so we’ve only decorated a couple of rooms, a fact which helps narrow things down a lot! My favourite room at the moment would probably be our lounge, even though it’s not really finished. We removed a hideous brick fireplace, green carpet, and pink velvet curtains and replaced it with off-white painted walls, an inset log burner and neutral tones.

We’ve still got to add all the little bits but I love the minimalism of it, it makes me feel calm even though there’s a pile of plastic baby toys in the corner! It’s the room where we spend the majority of our time and I love how bright and airy it is whilst still being cosy, there’s nothing I love more than setting a nice bunch of bright flowers on the coffee table and seeing them offset against the pale walls.

Favourite trend

My favourite trend is neutral tones and a mix of modern and traditional. Our bedroom is grey, white and yellow with splashes of geometric pattern and I think it sums us up well. How would I describe that? Maybe traditional with a twist? We love oak furniture, neutral tones, and a fuss-free clean look. At least, that’s how I’d like the house to look, it’s currently mid-renovation!

Favourite thing you own

My favourite thing that I own would have to be my childhood teddy; Ted Bear. He was a gift from my grandparents that was in my cot when I came home for the first time and he shared my bed for all of my childhood. He even came to university with me! Before I had my son, I’d been known to drag my teddy into bed with me for the company if my husband was away for the night. Now Ted Bear sits in my son’s room overlooking his cot and keeping a watchful eye. We used him as a prop in our newborn photoshoot and I love the historical link that it gives us over the generations!

Favourite colour

In terms of colours for rooms, it would have to be grey. I love the versatility of it, how it feels classic and modern at the same time and you can get so many different looks depending on the hue and depth of the colour you use. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite colour though, it would change by the minute!

Favourite season

I’m a big fan of all of the seasons but my favourite would probably be autumn. The weather is usually pleasant still, there’s a leftover feeling of summer and plenty of anticipation for winter. I love the darkening nights and the chill that means it’s time to snuggle back in front of the fire. I’d love to say I’m someone that redecorates the house dependent on the season; I’d genuinely LOVE to be that person but… I’m not. I do get out the candles again for the darker evenings and we light our log burner – does that count?!

Favourite about where you live

The best thing about living where we live in the location. Our house is in a small village meaning we’re surrounded by neighbours but can be in the woods in minutes. The beach is ten minutes away and my favourite place to go outside of the summer months. We’re surrounded by dog-friendly walks, beautiful views and both of our families (immediate and extended!) live within a twenty-minute radius of us. It really is perfection!

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  • Hayley - Devon Mama 8th June 2017 at 8:14 PM

    Thanks for having me lovely! I really like nosing in other people’s home so this series is perfect for me!

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