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21st July 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Esther from Inside Out & About showcasing her favourite things.   Take a look at her fantastic travel section full of inspiring places to visit and stay.

A Few Favourite Things – Inside Out & About

My name is Esther and I wrote a blog over at Inside Out & About. I am mum to three boys and my blog has a focus on thoughtful parenting, travel, creativity, and style. We live in Yorkshire. I am a creative person. I love baking, sewing, and crafting, as well as styling, fashion, and interiors.

Favourite room in your home

My favourite room has got to be our bedroom. It’s always the tidiest room in the house. It’s calm, fresh and peaceful. It’s somewhere I love returning to at the end of the day. I love getting into bed every night and thinking about the day that has just passed. It’s where all the things that are truly mine belong – my jewellery, my make up, my clothes and shoes. I try to keep it toy free, with little trace of our boys. There is nothing better than getting under freshly washed sheets. It’s my favourite.

A Few Favourite Things - Inside Out & About

Favourite trend

I love the trend that just about anything can be incorporated into a home, as long as it’s done in the right way – old, new, bright, vintage, granny chic, modern, shiny or loud. There is a place for everything, and it can still look bang up to date.  Interiors are so much more inclusive than they used to be and it’s liberating. I do love that plants are having a moment though, they’re found in bathrooms, bedrooms and dangling from walls.

Favourite thing you own

I really try not to get too attached to anything that I own, and I don’t own anything super precious. My favourite things are probably photographs of people that we love. They really bring something special into our home, and as soon as we added them, I really appreciated having them.

A Few Favourite Things - Inside Out & About

Favourite colour

My favourite colour is green, and has been for a long as I can remember. It used to be quite a bright jade green, but now it is a serene sage green. I just love everything about it, and it never gets old. It’s a colour that feels natural and tranquil.  My family used to joke that my whole house would be green and cream if I were let loose. The green in my home now is usually a plant, or succulent, which I try to embrace wherever possible. There is just something so gorgeous about a sweet little plant perched somewhere.

Favourite season

Choosing a favourite season is such a difficult question. I feel like I love each season for a different reason, and I would say that I change my home in subtle ways. In winter I love blankets, warm drinks and drawing the curtains early, in autumn I love displaying our treasures and lighting a candle, in summer I love eating outside and seeing nature in full swing, and in spring I love filling my home with small posies of spring blooms. If I had to choose a season, I would have to say spring. I love the beginning of new life all around, organising our home and garden. Days out are easier, plus it’s the
start of picnic season. It feels invigorating.

Favourite about where you live

Where we live isn’t quaint, or a place of exceptional beauty, but it is a place I have come to love. We moved here 7 years ago – it is practical for work, socialising, visiting family and for school, which helps keep our lives simple and uncomplicated. Our lives are busy, but our pace is slow. I have a fantastic group of friends, and it’s an easy walk into town. One day I would love to escape to the country, but I couldn’t trade the practicality of where we live for the countryside, just yet.

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