Getting Creative with That Awkward Nook

3rd October 2017

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We all have those awkward nooks that can be hard to decorate and ideas are often few and far between. What some may view as an eyesore could become the most beautiful or functional part of your home with a few additions and tweaks.

Getting Creative with That Awkward Nook

Getting Creative with That Awkward Nook

Plants love the sun

A nook at a window could be your in-house greenhouse. Place your plants right in the nook so they get all the lovely sun that they need. You also have quite a few options. You can use the nook to help seedlings and houseplants grow, you can turn it into a stunning flower garden in your home or you can plant green plants that would otherwise only grow outside in the sunlight. There are even more options for you. You could place a planter in the nook or you can build a brick planter directly into the nook. Whatever you love, you can make it grow indoors.

Your comfy corner

I really am a fan of window nooks. When winter days arrive bringing the cold with them you can turn your nook into your personal place in the sun. Add a foam mattress or pillow into the nook and spend the winter soaking up rays with a book and cocoa handy. Not only will you warm up, but you will also get more than enough vitamin D to aid in your health too.

Getting Creative with That Awkward Nook

The Hideaway

Turn a nook into an arts and craft area by putting in a chair and easel or small table. Now add a sliding door or pocket door to close it off. You or the kids can mess as much as you like in there because if you get surprise guests, simply close the door to hide the eyesore from visitors. It could also be the perfect way of keeping little hands away from curing, drying or baking art pieces.

Nooks are actually just a bit extra you got thrown in when you bought or leased your home and they can come in quite handy if you know how to use them. Think up a few ideas of your own and enjoy what you can do with the tiny area. This is particularly true for a window box nook as they are just a blessing in any home, another way of getting some sun to fight depression.

Getting Creative with That Awkward Nook

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  • JENNY KAKOUDAKIS 5th October 2017 at 2:55 PM

    Oh dear I have a whole side of a living room that is “awkward” – my living room is an oblong shape with a fireplace in the middle. I still cannot decide how to arrange furniture to make it look its best! 🙁

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