Easy Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Kitchen

5th March 2020

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With things finally starting to warm up everyone seems to have spring cleaning on their mind. Not everyone has time to really dig into spring cleaning. If you are one of these people you may find these easy spring cleaning tasks for your kitchen just what you need to satisfy your cleaning needs without taking all day. 

5 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tasks

Easy Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Kitchen

Clean off the top of the refrigerator

This is a quick task. After giving the dust a good scrub lay a trash bag or some newspaper over the top of the refrigerator. This will make your next time cleaning this dust-gathering spot a breeze. Just move everything out of the way. Pull up your liner and replace it with a fresh one next time. 

Clean your drains

A little baking soda and vinegar will clean out your drains. Not only will these help with the water flow, but will also help eliminate unwanted odours in your kitchen.


Remove everything from your worktops and give them a quick disinfect. It is shocking how little we move these items to give them a good cleaning and get the counter under them clean. These worktop items can harbour a lot of unwanted bacteria under them that can make your family, sick. 

Clean The Oven

One of the easiest spring cleaning tasks you can do in the kitchen is to run your oven’s self-cleaning cycle. After you run this all you have to do is sweep out the inside of your oven and go on with your day. It is so much easier to do this before the weather turns hot and you find yourself unwilling to kick the oven up as high as it goes. 


Give your small appliances a quick clean up. This can go a long way for appliances that you use often. One place that could really use a cleaning in your toaster. Pop open the door on the bottom and remove those crumbs for a clean toaster in minutes. 

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