What You Should Know Before you Re-Roof Your Home

9th March 2020

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The term ‘re-roofing’ describes the process of removing and replacing the existing layer of roof tiles, while generally leaving the internal joists and rafters in place – unless they need to be replaced. This is most certainly a major project, therefore, you should seek several professional opinions about the best way forward.

Here are a few things to take into account when planning to re-roof your home…

Think Insulation

Since your roof was first installed, technology has moved along at a rapid pace, and you should talk to specialist roofing contractors in Sydney or in your local area about insulation, as you can really cut your energy use by applying a special layer under the slate tiles. Roof insulation works both ways; it keeps out the heat in the summer and prevents heat loss in the cooler months, and for what it costs, you should insert top insulation under the tiles.

Avoid Adding a Layer

Some roofing contractors will tell you it is cheaper to simply install another layer of roof tiles above the existing set, and while this might be true, the extra weight is a factor. You would have to be certain that the existing joists and rafters can handle the extra weight, which would be considerable. If you have the internal structure strengthened, then this would be an alternative to removing the existing tiles, but make sure the additional weight is accounted for.

Don’t forget your gutters whilst you are planning to re-roof your home. Looking after your gutters can help to prevent water damage, attic leaks, foundation cracks, slippery sidewalks, pest problems, and more. A company such as Gutter Cleaning Detroit will be able to help you look at your options and provide a quote for any works required.

What You Should Know Before you Re-Roof Your Home

Use an Established Roofer

Avoid small outfits that focus on roof repairs, as they might not have the experience to re-roof a house. If you search online for a Denver roofing company, or roofing company in your specific area, that is affiliated with federations or associations, you can be sure they know what they are doing. Plus you can also ask to see some customer reviews, which any good roofer would be happy to give you. If you know someone who has recently finished a build, why not enquire about the roofing company? You might be lucky and get a glowing report!

Consider a Re-Shape

Having all the tiles removed is a good opportunity to change some aspects of the roof, which might give you more shade, or offer better protection for one area of the house. Talking to an experienced roofer would certainly illuminate you regarding design changes, and it wouldn’t be that much more expensive.

Check for Warranty

Every roofing company would issue a warranty on all work they complete, and you should be looking for at least 15 years, or possibly 20, which gives you some peace of mind. If, for example, you are having your roof retiled with slate, you can expect a long warranty, perhaps as long as 30 years, depending on the company.

Having your roof tiles replaced is a major project and you should ask at least three roofing contractors to quote for the job, and with some careful research, you should end up with the best solution. Ask each company to send someone to inspect your home and see what they have to say, then you can compare the three companies and make the right choices.

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