The pros and cons of an extension on your home

2nd March 2020

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Investing in an extension on your home may seem like a desirable opportunity – and quite often it is – but there are cons to consider alongside those sparkling pros. We have put together a shortlist comprising of 2 cons and 2 pros for you to consider before making that important decision. 

Con: Applying for planning permission 

Applying for planning permission can quite often throw up a challenge or two, and it’s something that, unfortunately, won’t happen overnight. It’s, of course, best to have this in place before getting your project underway as to avoid any potential issues down the line. The last thing you want to do is have your hopes sky-high and lots of planning and ideas in place, only to find out that you simply cannot go ahead with them! You’d definitely find yourself feeling overwhelmingly disappointed if any changes need to be made to your design… alongside a hefty alteration to your budget. Preparation is key. 

Pro: Increase the value of your home 

If you’re looking to sell in the near future, adding an extension to your home may seem like a fantastic idea due to how much value it can add. Who wouldn’t want the prospect of more money to look forward to when putting your house on the market?

If you’ve been saving money for a new home project, an extension might be something you have in mind. Adding more space to your property almost guarantees additional value, regardless of whether you’re choosing to make a second bathroom, an extra bedroom, or a playroom for your children. Extensions with modern roofs are now more sought after than ever before, which again will increase value and attention from potential buyers. If this is something you’re considering, look out for your local, professional roofers in Chester-le-Street or elsewhere across the North East that can help you with your very own unique design. 

Extension on your home? The pros and cons

Con: It can be a bit of a hassle 

Any home improvement project comes with a few fine prints… Whether you’re choosing to install a conservatory or that all-important extension on your home, you must be warned that it will take some time to complete, and your house may feel like less of your home while it’s being carried out.

Expect lots of mess, noise, and – depending on who you call in to fit this extension – strangers shuffling around your home. An extension is still a great choice, you just need to be wary of these factors before you commit to having it done. 

Pro: More space!

Who wouldn’t want more space in their home, especially where growing families in concerned?  

Quite often, here in the UK, we’re seeing a rise in homes becoming too small for growing families, particularly if we take into considering the fact that many children are choosing to stay in their childhood home well into their 20’s. Installing an extension on your home is much easier than putting your house on the market and upsizing. With this in mind, extensions do tend to be popular and most definitely a useful decision. Most modern homes will allow for an extension by way of a basement or loft conversion or a room extension, and none of these will outweigh the cost of buying an entirely new house. 

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