How to prepare perfectly for your spring cleaning

5th March 2018

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Spring cleaning is an important annual event for many households and is the best time to blow away the cobwebs of winter and transform your home from the closed off, darker space of winter to a bright and fresh space. Preparation for such an event is key and trying to clean your whole home with no planning can make the task all the more challenging so you need to get familiar with what needs to be done.

What areas come first?

Is your kitchen a nightmare to clean? Do you have bedrooms packed full of donation-worthy clutter you don’t need? Try and create some sort of plan to assess where the problem areas are so that you can spread the work around over the time you’re spring cleaning. If you tackle the whole kitchen in one day you may be left tired and unmotivated to continue, instead try to spread your responsibilities more evenly to allow you to take your momentum through the important period of your year.

Get your equipment in order

If you need any new cleaning products or paraphernalia get it bought and organised early so that whenever you choose to do your cleaning, you’re completely ready. Try to become familiar with what you will need to do everything that needs to be done. Once you’ve done this when it gets to each task you’ll be well aware of what’s needed making it much easier of confronting the task of deep cleaning an entire home.

Write a list

Coming up with an order of what needs cleaning can change and you’re always prone to forgetting something important. Writing a list of everything that you need means not only can you ensure that things don’t get cleaned multiple times, you can also come up with the perfect plan of attack for the messiest or dirtiest parts without potentially missing any areas.

Come up with potential rewards

Cleaning can be a very arduous process and it’s often easy to lose motivation when tackling some of the tougher parts of the home. If you find the bathrooms particularly difficult plan yourself a treat of some kind after you’ve done what you wanted with it. This is a simple trick to help you stay driven to cleaning your home even when you may not quite want to keep going.

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