How to stop procrastinating

5th May 2020

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One of the biggest problems have is procrastination. Many people will say they work better with a deadline, something to tell them when things have to be done. Use these tips on how to stop procrastinating. 

Ways to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

Set a Deadline

If the tasks that need to be done do not already have a timeline and deadline, be sure to set one. If you tend to put things off until the last minute, set a deadline that you have to meet. If you have a deadline that is already set, tell yourself the deadline is a day or two before then. This way, you will have a buffer zone and be ready ahead of time. 

Get Organised

Using a planner or the calendar app on a phone is one of the best ways to stay organised. This will help you keep track of your deadlines. When you see it set to a certain day and time to complete a project will help you stay on track. 

Get Rid of Distractions

If you tend to get distracted easily and this is part of your procrastination, get rid of all the distractions. If you have to answer every notification on your phone, shut it down, all the way. Power off the phone so that it does not distract you. If you have other people in the house, tend to watch tv or sing along with music, find a quiet place in the house, that is not around other people, turn off the tv and put on classical music instead of your favourite songs. 

Set Goals

For many people, part of the reason they procrastinate is that the task is too big. People often say they put things off because it is too overwhelming. Try breaking it into smaller tasks. Decide that you will do the first task of completing the project and then it is started. When you break things down into smaller tasks, it makes it easier to get started and stay on track. 

Give yourself Incentives 

Rewards always help people to get things done. Set up simple rewards to help keep you motivated. Simple things like if I complete this amount of work, I can watch my favourite show for 1 episode. If I finish this, I can take a snack break. 

Do the Hardest Thing First

The hardest part of a task can be what is making you procrastinate. Once the hardest part is done, the entire task is easier. By completing the hardest thing first, the rest of the tasks become easier and are usually done in a shorter amount of time. After the hardest part is done, it should be easier to buckle down and just finish it. 

So many people suffer from procrastination. Whether it is in a big way or a small way or only sometimes suffer from it. Whether you suffer from procrastination all the time or some of the time, use these tips to help you stop procrastinating. 

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