Tips to Better Care For Plants

8th May 2020

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You may have arrived on this page because you are really terrible with taking care of plants or gardens, but even if you aren’t you could stand to benefit from this topic. When you’re taking care of plants either on a small scale or large scale project indoors or outdoors, it all can seem pretty overwhelming and difficult sometimes.

Today I’m here to help alleviate that, here are some tips to better care for plants.

Write Things Down

Keeping track of your gardening project can be pertinent to any size or type of garden. Write down what plants you’re planting, keeping, how they’re developing, what works or doesn’t work, each plant’s needs, time to harvest, anything that can be helpful to understanding and keeping track of your garden. Writing it down can make your future projects more successful, and be a great addition to any gardener’s life.

Tips to Better Care For Plants

Create a Routine

Some people find routines helpful in life, and when working with plants routines can be quite useful. Create a routine for when you water your plants, turn plant pots, weed the garden, or do anything else you have to do. You can break it up into different times of day or days of the week or keep them all together. A routine makes sure your plants are getting everything they need regularly.

Plan Ahead

If you’re looking to start a project or add on to your own, planning can make sure each part or plant gets everything needed. Plan out space, soil, expenses, seeds, anything that is important to your plants and the project. If you’re prepared ahead of time, your plants will receive the best care possible and you can avoid late-rising problems such as not having enough money or space that would halt progress.

Remember Weeding and Pruning

An important part of any garden or plant is the removal of weeds and pruning plants as they grow. Weeds can harm the development and sunlight access that your plants have. And as plants grow, you need to remove dead or dying leaves as well as parts that are overgrown by pruning your plants as needed. Forgetting these steps can harm a garden or plant, even though most people don’t think of them as important.

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You may be thinking some of these seem simple or ridiculous to think of when gardening. But they really can help. Being able to better manage your care routine for your plants can greatly improve your skills as a gardener regardless of how large or small your garden or skill set may be. Maybe this will help with a current project, or maybe it’ll help inspire a new project of yours. Either way, best of luck gardening!

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